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Looking to Buy Cheap Weed Online Canada?   

We offer high-quality locally-sourced cannabis directly from our partner greenhouses and farms.
Our goal is to provide cheap weed online in Canada without compromising on quality. You can find Sativa, Indica, and hybrid cannabis.
We also sell THC, Skunk weed, resins, vapes, strains, budder, syringe, and extracts.


Our mission is to provide customers with locally-sourced cheap weed, without compromising its quality.


We guarantee quick delivery of your ordered products using Xpresspost. Once your order is placed, you will receive a tracking number.


We deliver products without mentioning the brand or product on the packaging to ensure the privacy of your package.

Plant Types


Sativa strains provide the uplifting cerebral effects (head high) that best fits with social gatherings and physical activity. It is good for depression, chronic pain, and amnesia.
Some of the famous Sativa strain types are sour diesel, green crack, jack herer, Durban poison, strawberry cough, lemon haze, super lemon haze, Alaskan thunderstruck, super silver haze, chocolate, amnesia haze, Maui wowie, purple haze, Candyland strain, tangie, island sweet skunk, silver haze, grapefruit strain, moby dick strain, Acapulco gold, sour tangie, super sour diesel, kali mist.


Hybrid Strains combine the effects of both Sativa and Indica and its effect depends on the dominant characteristics of cannabinoids.
Some of the famous hybrid plant types are the blue dream, GSC strain, OG kush, white widow, pineapple express strain, AK 47 strain, trainwreck strain, headband strain, chem dog, Tahoe OG kush, agent orange strain, sherbet strain, lemon kush, lemon kush, cinderella 99, jellybean, NYC diesel, ACDC strain, xj-13, cotton candy kush, Chernobyl strain, cannatonic strain, larry OG, sour kush, sour og, gelato strain, juicy fruit strain.


Indica Strains provide the physically sedating (body high) that best fits with a movie and relaxation time. It is good for chronic pain, muscle relaxation, and sleep problems.
Some of the famous Indica plant types are the blue dream, bubba kush, northern lights strain, blue cheese weed, purple kush, blueberry kush, grape ape strain, blackberry kush, master kush, purple Urkle, death star strain, white rhino strain, afghan kush, g13 strain, berry white, kosher kush, MK ultra strain, Romulan strain, critical kush, orange kush, platinum OG, Afgoo strain, platinum kush, Sensi star, super skunk, sweet tooth strain, vanilla kush, mango.

Why Choose Save On Greens?

Our mission at Save On Greens is to provide customers with the highest quality locally-sourced cannabis at the best possible price from our partner greenhouses and farms. We take great pride in our work, serving you products we ourselves use and love with the highest degree of customer service.  Save On Greens is your No. 1 online dispensary to buy cheap weed online Canada, offering the fastest delivery and the best price-for-quality cannabis & Buy magic mushrooms Online in Canada!

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How to Order Weed Online?


It is very easy to order from our online dispensary.

Add to Cart

Browse the products from the “Shop” page as we have the largest collection in town. Choose the “Add to Cart” option for selected items and then choose “View Cart”…

Account & Checkout

After adding the products to cart, you can now proceed to checkout and provide the required information like Email, Name etc and account will be created automatically…

Payment & Package

After proceeding to checkout make the payment using interac e-transfer and once it’s done you will have a tracking ID and order will be arrived within 2-3 days.

Why Cheap Weed?

At Save On Greens, we offer the most affordable weed and weed products across Canada. So much so, that providing cheap weed to our customers is our mission. We take pride in providing our products for the lowest price along with the highest degree of customer service. Our monthly promotions offer prices for buds that are unbeatable across Canada and despite providing the best prices, the quality of our products is left uncompromised. Along with our great prices and quality, we also offer fantastic shipping options with free shipping on orders over $100. Our cheapest shipping options take 3-5 days without delays from Canada Post. We guarantee you cannot find shipping speeds and product pricing better than that of Save on Greens. And for those who LOVE our products, we also offer more savings in our rewards program. 


We don’t only sell the best flower for the best price. We understand that our customers want to consume marijuana in a variety of ways. For that, we provide the best pricing on Edibles, CBD products, Extracts, Concentrates and Vape Cartridges. All our marijuana products are produced from trusted and safe producers so sleep easy knowing that these products hold our SOG seal of approval. 


As lovers of marijuana, we started this business to supply great products for great prices to you. We love the recreational and medical uses of marijuana, and both have greatly impacted our lives. When we hear from you how our products help with your lives, it fills us with satisfaction knowing that we made a difference. We make cannabis accessible for all to enjoy whether it’s for fun or alleviation. 


What is marijuana?

Marijuana is also known as weed or cannabis. It is the dried part of the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Psychoactive compounds like THC and cannabidiol (CBD) are present in these plants, which can make you high. Varieties of strains are available with exclusive properties associated with each one of them, depending on the THC and CBD content in the particular strain.

Can you buy weed online in Canada?

Yes, buying weed online in Canada is possible. Different states have different rules, but most of the states allow the purchase and use of non-medicinal weed from the registered pharmacies and online dispensaries.

What does marijuana smell like?

It smells like woody and herbal aroma as per most of the consumers. However, the exact smell would vary depending on the maturity of the plants and the flowers.

How do I know what producer to purchase medication from?

In Canada, buying weed or similar products is not a problem. You can get your favorite product from the registered dispensaries. Save on Greens is a reputed pharmacy from where you can get your relevant products without facing any issues.

How do I know what strain I need?

If you are new to the cannabis world, then you should start with mild strains that have low THC content, so that you can experience the minor level impact of the consumption. You’ll find multiple low potential strains and products in our store too. All you need to do is find the best.

When to harvest marijuana?

When the pistils of marijuana go dark and curl towards the flower, then is the right time to harvest marijuana. Not all of the pistils would change their color and form, but you’ll have to notice it for at least half of the pistils.

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