In this article, you will learn laws about cannabis in Canada, where to buy, weed delivery services in Canada, famous celebrities, and how we,, can help you get the best quality and the best price.

According to the Canadian Cannabis Survey 2022, 31% of people born in Canada and 16% of people not born in Canada smoked weed  in the last 12 months.

According to the same survey, 20% of people used online weed delivery services in Canada for buying cannabis. The data shows that more people trust and prefer online weed dispensaries because it provides convenience, a variety of weed products, and affordable prices.

How to Buy weed in Canada

Weed can be purchased from dispensaries, or online shops. The specific law on the legal age, amount of cannabis, and the shop to buy from changes from one province to another. However, for most provinces except Alberta and Quebec, the legal age is 19 years and above. For Alberta, the legal age is 18, and for Quebec, it is 21 years and above. The maximum amount of cannabis a person can carry is 30 grams all over Canada.


You can buy weed from online dispensaries like, and everything will be delivered to your home. 

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Online dispensaries

An online dispensary is the best option for buying weed in Canada. The benefits of buying cannabis from an online dispensary include a wide variety of brands and their products available online, ordering from the comfort of the home, private orders, lower prices and discounts. is one of the best, if not the best, online dispensary in Canada. We are known for quality cannabis products, affordable pricing, and timely delivery.


Weed shops

Weed shops are the second best option but not as convenient as online stores.

You can find these stores on Google Maps by typing: cannabis, weed, weed stores etc. 

The advantage of the weed shop is that you can check the weed.

The disadvantage is that you need to carry the weed around, and the smell will be uncomfortable. 

Street Dealers

Do not buy weed from street dealers in Canada. Usually the price is cheaper, however the quality is average. 

Buying weed from street dealers is also dangerous, so be careful.

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What is the best way to get weed delivered in Canada? is the best way to get weed delivered in Canada. Ordering from us provides you with the following benefits:

  • Best-sourced weed directly from partner farms. 
  • Cannabis at affordable prices as it is directly sourced from our partner farms, helping us reduce prices. 
  • The fastest and safest delivery of your cannabis product to your house. has worked with more than 2,500 happy and satisfied customers in a short period.

Prices of Different Weed Products

The average retail price for a half-ounce (14 grams approx.) of premium cannabis in Canada is 136 CAD, according to Prices differ from one province to another. Medical cannabis costs around 15 CAD per gram in Canada. Among all the provinces, Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland have the lowest average cost i.e. 11 CAD per gram.


The factors that influence the pricing of cannabis in Canada include the quality or rarity of strain, percentage of THC or CBD content, province you are buying in, and cultivation method. The rare a particular strain, the higher the price due to less supply of the particular strain.

Product TypeAverage Cost
Sativa strain (34.5% THC)45 CAD per 3.5 grams
Indica strain (32% THC)63 CAD per 3.5 grams
Hybrid strain (37% THC)142 CAD per 14 grams
2-gram concentrate36 CAD to 53 CAD

Cannabis product prices could be high in a particular province due to the high taxes, commissions of distribution partners like wholesalers and retailers, rarity of the strain, high THC/CBD content, etc.


Consider buying cannabis products online to cut the prices down. is the most preferred option to buy cannabis products online and save money. We directly purchase from the farm partners to cut the commissions of the wholesalers and retailers and further reduce the cost for you.


Cannabis Enthusiasts can do many things in Canada, including staying at 420-Friendly Lodges like MaryJane Manor or HiBnB, going on cannabis tours, enjoying scenic parks, or taking part in urban cannabis experiences.

Cannabis lovers can visit the following places in Canada: 


  • Yoho National Park, British Columbia: British Columbia is famous for its marijuana. In the park, you can enjoy waterfalls trails and see 500 million years old fossils.

  • Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa: an adult spa and resort. The use of cannabis is allowed. You can enjoy the great outdoors, windsurfing, motorboats, canoeing, etc.

  • Hot Box Patio Toronto: Edibles and smoking are allowed here. It is the first legal pot patio in Canada.


The special occasions, vacations, or events in Canada for Cannabis lovers are the following:

  • Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo: an event for cannabis lovers, professionals, and investors. It is scheduled in Vancouver from Jan 13-14, 2024.
  • 420 Toronto: an event for celebrating cannabis legalization. They are usually held on April 20th at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.
  • Karma Cup: an annual cannabis competition. It also features a marketplace where people can buy cannabis products.

Places to Eat in Canada (cannabis-friendly)

Places to eat in Canada for Cannabis lovers include: 

  1. Herb & Harmony (Toronto, Ontario) – one of the first cannabis-friendly restaurants. It has many special cannabis desserts and foods that match with cannabis.

  2. The Green Leaf Bistro (Vancouver, British Columbia) – offers a variety of delicious foods, including starter and main meals, that match perfectly with cannabis.

  3. Ganja Gourmet (Montreal, Quebec) – is known for its creative dishes with cannabis. It offers a menu with unique dishes accompanied by cannabis.

  4. Blissful Bites (Calgary, Alberta) – is perfect for people who love cannabis and are foody. Different foods are prepared to match different types of cannabis strains.

  5. Mary Jane’s Kitchen (Halifax, Nova Scotia) – offers perfectly prepared traditional Nova Scotia food blended with cannabis.


In cannabis-friendly places, always ask for permission before smoking in the restaurant. Some restaurants or cafes may ban indoor smoking. Ask the waiter or someone from the management staff if they have a particular smoking room or an outdoor patio before smoking. Finally, educate yourself about public cannabis consumption law to avoid irresponsible smoking.


Cannabis Tourism in Canada

Cannabis tourism is a growing sector in Canada’s tourism. It gained popularity after the legalization of cannabis back in October 2018. It plays a role in Canada’s economic, cultural, and social side.


Cannabis tourism in Canada includes tourism attractions like:

  • Yoho National Park, British Columbia, 

  • Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa, Haliburton Highlands, ON, 

  • Alberta Cannabis Tour, 

  • Hot Box Patio, Toronto, 

  • The 420 Scene on the East Coast.


Guided Tours and Experiences include:


  1. Canopy Growth’s Tweed Visitor Centre: Situated in Smith Falls, Ontario. It allows you to tour by yourself and see and learn how they grow cannabis.

  2. Aurora Cannabis in West Edmonton Mall: It offers you music shows, comedy nights, and movie nights along with cannabis products.

  3. Cannanaskis in Alberta: Offers you a delicious dinner accompanied by talks about cannabis history.

Nightlife and Party Scenes in Canada

  1. Nightlife and Party Scenes in Canada include many clubs or lounges like:

    1. Hugh’s Room (Toronto): a nice and comfortable place with live music of famous musicians. There is a restaurant with a menu full of delicious dishes. 

    2. Montreal Casino (Montreal): a big casino to try your luck with various gambling games. It has a bar, a smoking room, and great food.

    3. Maxwell’s Plum (Halifax): a classic English Pub. It has 60 types of draft beers that you can enjoy on the beautiful terrace.

    4. Habanos Martini & Cocktail Club (Regina): famous for special cocktails. You can enjoy cocktails and dance nights on the music played by top DJs.

    In these clubs or lounges, always ask for permission before smoking in the restaurant. Some restaurants or cafes may ban indoor smoking. Ask the waiter or someone from the management staff if they have a particular smoking room or an outdoor patio before smoking. Finally, educate yourself about public cannabis consumption law to avoid irresponsible smoking.

    Some of the cannabis-themed events or parties include the 420 Toronto festival for celebrating the legalization of cannabis, and Lift & CO. Cannabis Expo.

Famous celebrities and cannabis in Canada

Famous Celebrities and Cannabis in Canada

Well-known Celebrities in Canada Who Openly Talk About or Endorse Cannabis include Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Drake, The Tragically Hip, Wiz Khalifa, and Noah “40” Shebib.

Following are the brands or endorsements these celebrities do:

  • Snoop Dogg partnered with Canopy Growth and started a cannabis brand called Leafs By Snoop that offers palm tree CBD.
  • Seth Rogen, the Canadian-born actor, partnered with Canopy Growth and started a cannabis brand called Houseplant that offers sativa, indica, and hybrid.
  • Drake partnered with Canopy Growth and started a cannabis brand called More Life Growth. No products have been launched yet.
  • Wiz Khalifa partnered with The Supreme Cannabis Company and started KKE (Khalifa Kush Enterprises), which offers high-THC oils.
  • The Tragically Hip partnered with Newstrike Brands and started a cannabis brand called Up Cannabis that offers strains named after The Tragically Hip songs.
  • Noah “40” Shebib partnered with Robes Cannabis and started a cannabis brand called BLLRDR.


Save on Greens delivers all over Canada, including the provinces of AlbertaCalgaryEdmontonMontrealOntarioQuebecVancouverHalifaxHamilton, and Winnipeg.

Weed delivery is legal in Canada. You need to follow specific delivery requirements, including ensuring that the shipments’ contents, packaging, and labeling must comply with all laws of the province. Finally, you need to provide age verification at the time of delivery.

The process of weed delivery involves the following steps:

  1. Browse the Save On Green’s online menu and add cannabis products to your shopping cart.
  2. Enter your details, like name, address, date of birth, phone number, and special delivery instructions.
  3. Place your order. 
  4. When the delivery driver arrives at your door, provide proof of age verification.

SaveOnGreens offers same day delivery if you order the product before 11 AM. After the 11 AM, the delivery will arrive the next day.

Save on Greens currently accepts Interac email e-transfer as a form of payment.

Yes, you can order weed delivery for someone else. Just make sure that the person is above the legal age.

Contact SaveOnGreens with your order number if your delivery is late, and we will contact Canada Post to trace your products.

Yes, you can send yourself weed from Canada to another province. You must ensure that the contents, packaging, and labeling of the shipments follow all laws regarding cannabis.

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