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Wonka Bars (AAAA)

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Wonka Bars is a hybrid strain with Sativa dominance (70% Sativa and 30% Indica). A cross between GMO X Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies strains gives rise to this potent Wonka Bars.

The plant grows medium tall and often produces great yield, thus can be easily cultivated by newbies and personal growers.

These Wonka Bars have spade-shaped buds in the forest green color. The purple color leaves surround these buds along with the thick orange hair. The trichomes are purple-tinted tiny crystals, which give this strain its specific identity.

Your taste buds would love the flavor of this strain, especially if you are a chocolate lover. The sweet, nutty taste should be expected with minty after taste on the exhale. Similarly, the aroma has the name nutty chocolaty taste, but on a pungent side. The scent is so strong that it can persist even after the weed is burnt off.

Wonka bars take some time to get over you. After a few minutes of consumption, you’ll start feeling the light energy flowing through your mind, leading you to a cerebral high. With this energy influx, your mood would start to change, and you’ll feel a lot happier.

Also, this energy is responsible for sharpening your senses and making you more focused on what you were doing. Users of Wonka Bars have reported an improvement in creativity as well. With these properties, this strain can be used for better creativity and for tasks that require enhanced focus.

Once the mental high is achieved, it is followed by the “body high.” In this high, your body would start to have a relaxing feeling but without the involvement of any sedation impact. You can expect your muscles and bones to relax, but you won’t get into the couch-locked position because of this strain. Treatment of chronic pain, arthritis, and headaches can be achieved.

On average, the THC Content in Wonka Bars is 15-20%. This makes this strain fall in the moderate category when it comes to potency, but it can still be used for treating various physical and mental issues.

Because of the THC availability in this strain, it can also help in treating nausea and appetite loss. Make sure to grab some snacks before using this strain, so that you can relax and munch together.

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