THC Distillate Syringe


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Packaging may differ from pictures, due to vendor availability.  Our THC Distillate syringe is a purified, solvent-free cannabis extract that has a THC level of 91.82% with a staggering 91.01% level of delta-9 THC. It is a clear golden concentrate, purged of all waxes, fats, and oils during the filtration/distillation process using the most advanced technology to produce a pure thick clear oil that can be consumed as an edible or smoked/vaporized! This popular distillate carries our SOG Badge of Approval that ensures both a safe and satisfying experience. Benefits for taking Distillates
  • Smooth
  • Great flavor
  • Discrete odor
  • Edible, smokeable and vapable!
  • Safer and cleaner
  • Smoke less for the same high
Our staff at SaveOnGreens are experts at ensuring the quality of our distillate products by understanding and verifying the process in which the distillate is made. Through the control of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, we work with our producer to deliver a quality experience to our customers. If you buy cannabis distillate from Save-On-Greens, you can be assured that your product has been developed with the highest level of quality and purity and represents the level of excellence BC is known for.   What are Distillates: THC Distillate is a honey-like golden liquid that consists of pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a highly concentrated extract that is worth more than its weight than other cannabis products. Because of its purity, the applications for distillates are limitless. You can smoke, vape, apply topically, and even consume it orally. 

Details of THC Distillate Syringe:

THC Distillate Syringe provides a refined and concentrated version of THC to ensure that you enjoy the full impact of cannabis. The solvent-free extract of this THC Distillate syringe is 96.7% pure according to the laboratory test.

The consistency of the THC Distillate syringe is thick just like the concentrated oil. The distillate is golden in color. Smooth texture and great flavors are part of the physical properties of the distillate. You won’t miss the aroma of the weed while consuming THC through a distillate syringe. The scent associated with this syringe is also unique, making your entire experience worthwhile.

The process of creating these special syringes is unique and requires utilizing the short-path distillation process, which distills and purifies the cannabis molecules. We ensure that even traces of a non-THC substance are removed. So, the distillation process is repeated 5 times so that all the fats, oils, and waxes present in the bud are removed. With the help of this process, a clean and concentrated version of cannabis can be achieved.

One of the advantages of using the THC Distillate syrings is that it can create an instant high feeling because of the higher concentration of the THC present in the substrate. So, you’ll need to smoke lesser to attain the same high feeling. It is the best choice for people who are concerned about the cleanliness of the weed and cannabis products.

There are several benefits of using this distillate syringe. You can consider it as an alternative to the THC edibles or smoke (just like normal strain). It can also prove to be an effective choice if you want to keep your weed under the tongue.

You’ll need to warm the syringe before use. Using this syringe can bring a quick high, so you should be ready for that. An increase of energy in the cerebral part of the brain would help you uplift your mood and enhance your senses, which could be transformed into the physical relaxation of your muscles.

At Save on Greens, we keep product quality as our priority. While preparing the THC Distillate Syringe for you, we ensure that the highest standards are maintained in the sourcing and distillation process so that you get the best product.

We also believe in providing you with products that are safe to consume. To ensure this, we work closely with our supplier and ensure that our product matches the quality & safety standards and get a SOG Badge of Approval before we offer anything to you. We make sure that we take every possible measure that can guarantee your safety and satisfaction. So, you can trust us and order your THC Distillate syringe now.

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