Zoey Roy




Zoey Roy is a dedicated Cannabis Compliance Specialist and Cannabis Activist, known for her in-depth knowledge of intricate cannabis regulations. With a strong foundation in research and a keen understanding of the cannabis industry, she excels in guiding both individuals and businesses through the labyrinth of legal requirements and industry best practices.


Having started her journey with a reputable stint of 4 years as a Senior Researcher at Neptune Wellness, Zoey’s expertise doesn’t stop at regulatory compliance. She also boasts strong marketing and laboratory skills, making her a comprehensive professional in the cannabis sector. Currently, she holds the position of Cannabis Industry Analyst at Tilray Brands, Inc. In this role, she plays a pivotal part in ensuring compliance, offering client education, and streamlining legal processes to maintain industry standards.


Zoey’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Research from the esteemed McGill University. This rigorous academic background has equipped her with the analytical skills and attention to detail that she brings to her professional roles.

A Message from Zoey

“Understanding and navigating the intricate world of cannabis regulations is crucial for the industry’s growth and acceptance. My commitment is to ensure that individuals and businesses thrive within the legal boundaries, making the cannabis industry more approachable and compliant.”


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