What are Wine And Weed Pairings?

Wine and Weed Pairings

Out of this world! It is probably the best way to describe the experience of wine and weed pairing. Cannabis is now legal in most states, and people can enjoy it almost anywhere. This legalization has made the cost of weed reasonably affordable, and now users can conveniently buy cheap weed online.

Meanwhile, marijuana enthusiasts are figuring out new ways to combine cannabis with beverages, oils, candy, and perhaps wine. Tantalizing the exciting taste of wine blended with the unique aromas, flavors, and potency of weed is an entirely unique experience!

If you have been wondering how to create the best wine and Weed pairings, we will guide you and ensure your end product surpasses your expectations.

What are Wine And Weed Pairings?

Wine and weed surprisingly share a wide number of similarities. They both provide us with distinctive flavors, a unique chorus of aromas, and effects that we can all agree smoothens the stresses in our lives and enhances our good spirits.

Many people prefer to loosen up with a good blunt or a glass of wine after a long day. But what If the two lifesavers were paired? Wine and weed pairing is basically combining or pairing any strain of weed with any type of wine to make a perfect and perhaps, more potent end product.

When it comes to wine and weed pairing, two principles are mainly considered: the terpenes/smell and taste of weed and the time of day you plan to consume the pairing. When you combine the two, a fantastic reaction happens to provide a pairing whose effects are more excellent and a notch higher than its individual parts.

What’s more interesting is that there are numerous varieties of potential pairings that you can make- not surprising given that there are hundreds of weed strains and wine types. So you can put your creativity to work and try a pairing of your imagination, but first, you must learn the following basics.

Wine and Weed Pairings By Flavor

Terpenes are the organic compounds in weed that gives it all its beautiful aromas and flavor. They occur naturally in the form of oil, and there are over 200 types of terpenes. When pairing weed and wine, you’ll need to consider the aroma and flavor of your wine as well as that of your weed strain to come up with a perfect pairing.  The aim of making a pairing is so that the ingredients can complement and boost each other.

If you are a novice, don’t worry. Finding your favorite strain is easy. All you have to do is use your distinguishing sensory skills to assess the aromas/terpenes. You can do this by putting your flower in a glass and slowly smelling it until you find the aroma you’d love in your wine. To create a sweet, pleasantly-toned pairing, you must also consider the aroma of your wine too.

A harmonious wine and weed pairing is mainly born by carefully mixing weed whose flavors either heighten those in your wine or vice versa. Therefore, it’s ideal for a novice to start with strains with a well-identified aroma. For instance, strains with a citric aroma are best paired with pinot noir with a delicate citrusy flavor.

Another excellent and easy sample is pairing Rose (an acidic and largely neutral flavor) with any weed strain. Rose is a Jack of all trades that perfectly blends with any weed that has distinctive limonene(citrus) terpenes profile. A seasoned user can experiment with more creative and exciting wine and weed pairings- the list is endless!

Wine and Weed Pairings By Effects

The components found in wine and weed combine to give you a well-enhanced experience. However, you must pay keen attention to these individual compounds as they provide mind-altering effects.

A good example is red wine that’s known to give you a comfortable, warm, and perfect romantic mood. Pairing red wine with a strain that delivers a calming, happy, and pleasant full-body buzz like strawberry cough will give you the perfect weed and wine pairing.

You’ll want to avoid pairing red wine with Indica strains as they’ll lure you into sleep, and you’ll most probably fall asleep rather than have fun with your guest. Weed and wine pairings are notably potent. Hence, we advise all novices to consume prudently.

Weed and Wine Pairings That You Can Try.

  • Red wine: cabernet sauvignon and cake mix
  • White Wine: Pinot Grigio and Arabian Gold
  • Rose wines: Rose’ and miracle alien cookies.

Now that weed is legal, you can enjoy it in numerous ways, and mixing it in wine is just one of the hundreds of ways. All you need to do is buy some good cheap weed online and make your wine and weed pairing!

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