Is Buying Weed Online Legal in Canada?

Will Canadians Buy Weed Seeds Online

In 2001 Canada went down in history as the first country to decriminalize medicinal use of weed worldwide. This legalization permitted patients to purchase and possess dried cannabis buds with a government-issued license authorized by a medical practitioner. Few years down the line, the government decriminalized recreational use of weed by persons 18years and above. This move allowed people to possess 30grams of weed and plant up to 4 plants at home. Canadians who want to home grow weed can legally buy weed online, but they must strictly adhere to the cannabis state laws and federal regulations.

Is Buying Weed Seeds Online Legal in Canada?

Buying weed seeds online in Canada is completely legal. The passing of Bill C-45 on June 19, 2018, overruled the prolonged cannabis prohibition in the country. Since then, it has been a happy time for weed seed sellers and weed growers in Canada. This has caused a dramatic increase in the weed business. Seed bank businesses are exploding as more people search for good quality weed seeds to plant for home use.

If you would rather get high on your own supply, you should consider buying weed seeds from a dependable and legal supplier. However, buying weed online can be a bit of a gamble as you can never be completely certain whether you are paying for seeds that will undoubtedly germinate. To rule out such risks, consider the following types of high-quality weed seeds that are guaranteed to give you a good yield.

Various Strains of Weed Seeds

Choosing weed seeds can be a challenging yet enjoyable process. There are numerous strains for weed growers to choose. When choosing the most ideal weed seeds to plant, you need to consider a few things: what kind of high do you want? How much growing space do you have? Are you growing indoors or outdoors? And what experience you have growing weed?

Consider the following types of weed seeds.

  • Auto-Flowering Weed Seeds

Growing marijuana at home have never been easier with these auto-flowering seeds. These seeds automatically develop into plants that flower on their own within two to four weeks of germination. Unlike with planting feminized photoperiod cannabis, auto-flowering cannabis growers do not require to alter the light schedule to start and sustain the flowering stage. They germinate much faster and will be ready for harvesting in a period of two months after sprouting. Auto-flowers are your to-go choice for indoor growing since they are compact, do not demand a lot of attention, and are particularly small-sized. They are also ideal for growing in small spaces such as balconies and will still produce decent yields. There are various types of auto-flowers. Recreational users will prefer those that have a high THC percentage to get high. For the holistic users, there are auto-flowers that have a high CBD percentage for a light and level-headed effect.

  • Feminized Weed Seeds

These seeds are ideal for growers looking to harvest cannabinoid-rich flowers. They are genetically prepared to produce female weed plants exclusively. These feminized seeds germinate into plants that produce flowers which later mature into the glimmering aromatic buds that are dried, smoked, and used for medical purposes.

  • Regular Weed Seeds

If you are a keen weed grower that intends to crossbreed and produce high-quality clones, regular cannabis seeds might be exactly what you are looking for. They are 100% natural and produce both male and female plants. They are the purest seeds in the market and are chemically unchanged. Until recently, growers could only grow regular seeds, but the coming of feminized seeds has resulted in many growers neglecting this strain. If you are planning to grow female plants, you will have a challenging time with regular seeds unlike if you used the feminized strain.

If you are planning to grow female weed plants, you must be very careful because existing male plants can destroy the females through pollination. Pick out the male plants at the beginning of the flowering period and keep them away from your precious ladies.

Laws on Buying Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Any person aged 18 years and above can buy weed online in Canada. Decriminalization of recreational use of cannabis allowed Canadians to grow up to four plants at home. In case a patient needs anything above fours weed plants in their homes, they should apply for a license to grow increased amounts of cannabis for medical purposes. The number of weed plants allowed is determined by the number of weed grams recommended by your physician.

Now that the use of weed for recreational purposes has been legalized buying weed seeds online in Canada will no longer be a criminal offense. People can conveniently and legally have their medical and recreational needs satisfied.

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