How To Smoke Weed Properly?

Marijuana use is starting to become a norm! The negative stigma that previously surrounded its consumption is petering away and quickly going up in smoke. As cities go green legally, marijuana enthusiasts are continually looking for new and perhaps more potent ways to consume weed.

There is vaping, edibles, sublingual, tinctures, topicals, and then there is smoking weed! So, smoking may be the method that you’re more familiar with. But what you probably don’t know is that there numerous ways that you can smoke your pot.

Perhaps, you’ve never smoked before, or maybe you want to explore the experience with a new smoking method? Either way, we are here to guide you through it and ensure your experience is ten times better than what you imagined.

Let’s first understand how smoking weed gets you high or stoned and how long you expect the effects to last.

What Happens When You Smoke Weed?

Smoking is highly appealing to people looking to experience the effects of their weed much faster. As it turns out, smoking delivers its effects almost instantly, anywhere between 2-7 minutes. Unlike eating edibles, where the effects take up to hours before kicking in, when you smoke pot it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and brain via the lungs.

The effects of smoking, however, are known to fade off as fast as they kicked in. So you’ll only stay stoned for 1-4 hours at most.

How To Smoke Weed Properly?

Please note that the methods discussed below are all ideal. Choosing the best smoking method boils down to personal preference and the method you feel is more pleasant for you. Regardless of which method you choose, we are here to help you enjoy your high safely.

Remember this; nobody got it right the first time. So don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of things by the time we’re done here.

  • Joints

To make this method more fun, consider buying some good-quality weed. This will mainly be easy now that weed is legal, so you can conveniently purchase high-quality and cheap weed online. You might also want to have some friends who have smoked before around. If that’s not possible, don’t worry. Just get somewhere peaceful, and let’s do this together.

We recommend buying a ready joint for beginners, but if you already know how to roll one, let’s get things rolling. Firstly, you’ll want to light your joint up. It’s alright to be confused about which is the right end of the joint to burn. But it’s very easy to know which end you’ll burn. Is the flower in your joint evenly distributed from one end to the other? Then it’s okay to light either end and expect an excellent cherry burn. If the flower in your joint is only concentrated in one end, you’ll have to light the concentrated end and inhale through the other.

Note that you don’t light or smoke a joint the same way you do a regular cigarette. Instead, you’ll have to be patient and allow the some time to burn the flower. To give the joint an even burn, it’s best to rotate it slowly while applying the flame so that every edge burns.

Now that your joint is burning evenly, it’s the fun part where you get to inhale the glorious smoke! If you’re sharing the joint with friends, never wet the joint with saliva- that’s gross! Instead, ensure the joint is resting gently at the tips of your lips. Slowly draw the smoke into your mouth as you inhale lightly, so the smoke travels down into your lungs. Rest the excess smoke in your mouth for 1-2 seconds, then let it out. There you have it- easier than you thought, right?

Smoking with friends.

There is a ton of etiquette that you must adhere to if you smoke with your friends. Familiarizing with these smoking codes of conduct will help you avoid confusion and awkwardness when the joint is passed to you.

Don’t worry- the rules of the game are simple and easy to follow:

  • Leave the rolling to the experts. If you haven’t mastered the art of rolling a joint just yet, it’s an unbreakable rule that the task shall be left to the most seasoned roller.
  • Play a part in the game. Wouldn’t it be selfish if someone only shows up for the Smoking part and contributes nothing at all? At the very least, offer something to eat, contribute some money to buy good weed, or even bring a lighter!
  • It’s the rollers right to light. Imagine if you rolled the joint so well only to have it lit incorrectly by someone. That would ruin the session for everyone. So leave the lighting to the roller. Unless, of course, he or she willingly passes the privilege to another.
  • You shall Puff twice, and you shall pass. Here, you must inhale two long puffs and pass the joint to the smoker on your left. The rotation always goes clockwise, and it should remain that way until the session is over. Hogging or holding the joint for too long will not end well for you- you won’t be welcome in the circle next time.
  • Ash the joint and pass. Imagine if you dropped the hot ash on your friend- not nice. For everyone’s sake, ash the joint before passing.
  • Don’t blow the smoke in anyone’s face– no one likes it! Instead, slightly tilt your head upwards or downwards and then exhale.
  • If the joint is finished, don’t pass it to anyone!
  • Blunts

Blunts are not your regular joint. However, you smoke them the same way you do a joint. It’s important to note that blunts are infused with tobacco- from a cigar. Their hit and high is entirely different from that delivered by joints. You might want to avoid blunts if you are a novice. What’s appealing about blunts is that they tend to burn slowand last longer.

Smoking with friends.

The rules and etiquette applied here are similar to that of smoking a joint.

  • Pipes

To smoke out of a pipe, you’ll need to grind your flower to smaller particles. You can use a grinder or your fingers, depending on what’s available. First, pack the bowl section of your pipe with your flower. Ensure the flower is denser at the top than the bottom. The next step is to burn the flower and enjoy the hits.

You’ll want to inhale gently on your pipe as you light the weed. If the pipe has a carb (small opening on the side), ensure to place your finger on it while burning the weed. Once the weed is well lit, release your finger to allow proper air circulation as you inhale the smoke. Pipes are a bit complicated if you’re using them for the first time, but it doesn’t take long to learn.

Smoking With Friends

The rules here are unique as you would have to puff and pass the pipe to the next smoker with the mouthpiece facing towards them. Don’t pass a pipe with used-up flower, and make sure not to wet it with saliva.

  • Bongs

Contrary to what most people assume, smoking out of a bong is relatively easy. In fact, it’s touted as the safest and most enjoyable way to smoke weed. The smoke is filtered in the bong water to give you smoother, more relaxed, and cleaner hits that aren’t harsh on your lungs.

Add water into the bong chamber through the mouthpiece. The water should only be enough to submerge the downstem an inch deep and nothing beyond that. Pack medium-sized flowers into the bowl. The bowl is the glass piece that slides into the downstem.

Ensure you only pack enough flowers that won’t overflow and will allow adequate air circulation. Get to a comfortable position and carefully stand your bong in a safe place. Remember, you will burn your flower as you inhale slowly through the mouthpiece. Your mouth will go into the mouthpiece, not outside all around it- you’re not trying to eat the bong!

When you’ve inhaled enough smoke, remove the lighter from the bowl to stop burning the flower, and this is the point where you stop inhaling more from the mouthpiece. You should only take a second puff when you’re relaxed and ready. Once the session is over, always discard the water and rinse the bong with warm water to keep off dirt and resin build-up.

Smoking with friends

It’s pretty considerate if you burn one edge of the flower and leave some unburned, fresh flowers for your friends to burn. Then, pass the bong and lighter to the next smoker once you’re done.

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