How Long Do The Effects Of Weed Take To Wear Off?

What To Do When You’re Too High On Pot

There are many ways that you can get high or stoned on pot, from smoking, vaping to ingesting weed. Weed does not affect people in the same way. Some users have reported experiencing euphoria, general happiness and relaxation, while others have said to experience mind-altering effects and a drastic appetite increase.

One thing that both novice and seasoned marijuana smokers can all agree on is that, no one likes the uncomfortable and undesirable effects of being too high on pot. Keeping in mind that weed is now legal in most countries, and you can buy cheap weed online with little to no stumbling blocks, it’s easily possible to take too much of the miracle drug. Another common way of getting too high is if you have a low THC tolerance level or perhaps, you’ve just used a concentrate for the first time.

To understand the high of weed better, let’s first go over some basics.

How Long Do The Effects Of Weed Take To Wear Off?

How long the effects of weed last in the body is dependant on various factors, including the amount consumed, the method of consumption, and the physiology of the consumer. Typically, a highly concentrated and potent weed product will give you a long-lasting high. If, for instance, you smoked a concentrate, the effects will last much longer than if you smoked flower.

How long it will take you to sober up is also determined by your body’s metabolism and the dosage taken. People with a higher metabolism experience the effects much faster, and they also fade off sooner than those with a  slower metabolism.

Additionally,  chronic and regular smokers have developed a high THC tolerance level, and they will sober up much sooner than the occasional smoker who tokes once or twice per week.

The high resulting from an edible may take its time before kicking in, but it will certainly last longer anywhere between 4-6 hours. According to anecdotal reports and clinical studies, the effects of smoking or vaping weed will kick in much sooner, but they will wear off in just about 2-4hours.

If you probably consumed too much weed and are feeling uncomfortable, anxious, or paranoic even- there’s some good news for you. Well, there are a couple of things that you can do to suppress the nasty feeling and maybe sober up sooner.

How Do You Know Whether You Are Too High?

Obvious as it may sound, sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re too high on pot. Luckily, some giveaways can help you know that it’s time you stopped smoking or ingesting immediately. Too much weed consumption will trigger the following unpleasant feelings:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia and confusion
  • Panic
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Racing heartbeat and excess perspiration.

What To Do When You’re Too High On Pot.

  • Relax

The unpleasant effects of weed overconsumption will disappear on their own in just a few minutes or hours, so don’t panic. You won’t die! In most cases, the effects don’t linger on past 8 hours of ingesting cannabis. All you need to do is reassure yourself that you’re fine and everything is okay. Secondly, stay in a calm and safe place to allow the high some time to wear off.

Are you scared you overdosed? Well, don’t be. No one ever died of consuming too much cannabis. Yey! To this natural drug! In fact, rigorous research has proven that you can never consume enough cannabis to overdose or die. But you will undoubtedly experience the negative effects of overconsumption, and they will wear off soon!

  • Consider Drinking Plenty Of Water

Whatever you do, you must stay hydrated if you overconsumed weed. Forget your favourite caffeinated drinks, for now. Those won’t help. But juice or water might do the magic and make the high wear off sooner. Additionally, water will protect your mouth from drying, and the simple act of sipping and constant swallowing will distract your mind. It’s best to avoid alcohol-based drinks as they will only make the high shoot higher- and you don’t want that!

  • Try A Snack

It may be obvious, but it’s important to mention that eating might help you kick the paranoia sooner. Nibbling on a snack or organic fruit will distract your mind and keep all the anxious thoughts away. This way, your mind will find it easier to connect with your body.

  • Try Some Black Pepper

The simple ingredient that you probably pass by in the kitchen could be the very reason you find some relief today. Anecdotally speaking, black pepper does the magic of countering paranoia and anxiety. A simple thing as sniffing or chewing your black pepper can give you the expeditious relief you so much need.

  • Take A Walk In A Safe Place.

Changing your environment and breathing some fresh air will allow better blood circulation while refreshing your mind and rejuvenating your body. Ensure that you stay closer home, and your surroundings must be safe. Remember, you are still very high and probably paranoid- it’s not good if you wandered off and got lost, especially while high.  And if you’re feeling a bit too light-headed, then it’s best if you take a rest and try to sleep it off.

  • Take A Good Rest

The unpleasant feeling is bound to wear off within some hours- that’s for sure. So you might as well look for a comfortable and calming place where you can take a good rest while you wait to sober up. Take full deep breathes through your nose and exhale through your mouth- it helps relax your tense muscles. Lay down, be comfortable, rest, and if you’re lucky, sleep will take over you, and you will be much better when you wake up. If you can’t sleep, which is common when one is high, rest until you’re fit to get back up again.

  • Take A Good Shower

This is for the one who greened out at their home. Taking a good shower is an excellent way to relax your muscles and refresh as the effects of weed continue to wear off.

  • Keep Yourself Distracted

What do you enjoy doing? Is it watching a good movie? Listening to good music? Eating some candy? Or perhaps you love snuggling with your lover? Do whatever it is that entertains you and uplifts your spirits. Keep your mind distracted, and you will sober up even without realising it. But whatever you do, make sure it’s safe, familiar, and makes you happy.

The Bottom Line

Weed is easily accessible nowadays. All you need to do is buy weed online and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so easy to overconsume it. To avoid the adverse effects of weed overconsumption, it’s best if you know your limits and tolerance level before consuming. We strongly recommend that you start with small doses and gradually work your way up until you find the effects you’re looking for.

Zoey Roy

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