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WEED DELIvERY Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, after cannabis was legalized in 2018, sold over 2.5 million CAD worth of cannabis in the first month, according to The monthly sale of cannabis rose to 13.7 million CAD after 2 years of cannabis legalization in Saskatchewan. In 2019, Saskatchewan had 19 licensed cannabis stores, and in July, the number of licensed cannabis stores became 35, according to According to Statistique Canada, 13.9% of people in Saskatchewan consumed cannabis within the last 12 months. 

Online sales of cannabis in Saskatchewan are increasing as people consider online dispensaries a safe, convenient, and cheaper option for buying high-quality cannabis. 

You will learn legal laws and regulations about cannabis in Saskatchewan in this article. You will learn about Saskatchewan’s best weed delivery services, famous cannabis celebrities, things to do, places to eat for cannabis enthusiasts, etc. Finally, you will learn why SaveOnGreens is Saskatchewan’s best weed delivery service for high-quality weed at lower prices.

How to buy weed flowers in

Weed flowers must be purchased in Saskatchewan from government-licensed cannabis retail stores. These retail stores can sell cannabis online and deliver within Saskatchewan province.


According to Saskatchewan’s law for buying cannabis, an adult (19 years or above) can buy weed from retail stores or online dispensaries. The maximum amount of weed that can be bought and possessed per transaction is 30 grams.


Purchase high-quality weed flowers online from SaveOnGreen’s weed delivery service in Saskatchewan at lower prices. Third-party services, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc., also deliver weed in Saskatchewan.

WHere to buy marijuana flowers

in saskatchewan canada

Marijuana flowers must be bought from government-licensed retailers in Saskatchewan. To identify a government-licensed retailer, check the following:


  • age verification

  • official excise stamp

  • The standardized cannabis symbol on the product

  • mandatory health warning messages

  • plain packaging and labeling that is child-resistant

online dispensaries

Purchasing weed flowers from online dispensaries in Saskatchewan is the best option because it is safe, convenient, and offers high-quality weed at lower prices. Online weed delivery services, like SaveOnGreens, offer same-day delivery.


We, SaveOnGreens, are the best government-approved online weed delivery service in Saskatchewan. We offer same-day delivery, lower prices, and various high-quality cannabis strains collected directly from our farm partners.

physical stores/dispensaries


Physical stores are the 2nd best option for buying cannabis in Saskatchewan. Physical retail stores are less convenient and offer a limited variety of cannabis brands and products than online dispensaries. According to SLGA (Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority), 155 cannabis retailers are approved by the Saskatchewan government.

street dealers


Street dealers are the least preferred option for buying weed in Saskatchewan. You are exposed to many risks, including low-quality weed, stealing of money, legal risks and fines, etc. while buying weed from street dealers.

what is the best way to get weed delivered in sasketchewan?


Our online dispensary, SaveOnGreens, is the best way to get weed delivered in Saskatchewan. SaveOnGreens is Saskatchewan’s best online weed delivery service because we offer high-quality weed at lower prices sourced directly from our farm partners, with discounts, same-day delivery, and customer-friendly support.

prices of different weed products

The average price for 1 gram of weed from legal sources in Saskatchewan is 10.68 CAD, according to StatistiqueCanada (

The factors that affect cannabis pricing in Saskatchewan are: 


  • The rarity of the cannabis strain – the rarer a strain, the higher the price

  • THC/CBD content – high THC/CBD content corresponds to higher prices

  • Cultivation method

Product Type

Average Cost

Sativa strain (31% THC)

76 CAD per 7 grams

Indica strain (32% THC)

137 CAD per 7 grams

Hybrid strain (32% THC)

85 CAD per 7 grams


63 CAD per 7 grams

We, SaveOnGreens, collect high-quality weed directly from our farm partners to eliminate wholesalers’ and retailers’ commissions and deliver high-quality weed to you at lower prices.

common weed in saskatchewan local farms

Common weeds found in Saskatchewan include Wagners – The Silverback (Indica-dominant hybrid, 21-26% THC), Flowr – Strawnana (Hybrid, 21-27% THC), and Liiv – Route 66 (Hybrid, 18-22% THC).


According to, there are 42 licensed cannabis farms or producers in Saskatchewan, including Herba Farms, Fisher Family Farm, etc.

Cannabis laws in sasketchewan

Cannabis laws in Saskatchewan have the following regulations for consumers:

  • The buyer’s age must be 19 years or above.

  • Must buy from government-licensed cannabis retail stores and online dispensaries.

  • Must buy less than 30 grams of weed in one transaction.

  • Consume weed in private properties like homes and some legalized public smoking places, not in vehicles, workplaces, etc.¬†

  • Must not drive a vehicle after weed consumption.

For cannabis producers in Saskatchewan, the cannabis law

has the following strict guidelines:


  • Must grow less than 4 plants per household.

  • Must get licensed by Saskatchewan’s government to produce and sell weed commercially.

  • Must not sell cannabis to a minor (less than 19 years old)

Weed culture in sasketchewan

Saskatchewan’s weed culture and acceptance have grown gradually since its cannabis legalization in 2018. Saskatchewan spent 2.5 million CAD on medical cannabis in the first month after weed legalization, according to Saskatchewan’s per capita cannabis expenditure is 16 CAD after 2 years of weed legalization.


Saskatchewan’s government legalized 48 cannabis retail stores by Oct 2020. Saskatchewan had 4.07 retail cannabis stores per 100,000 people. People can smoke cannabis in private places like homes and public places like restaurants, expos, tours, etc.

Cannabis lovers can do many things, including attending a 420 event with friends, taking a walk in nature after consuming weed, throwing a cannabis-themed party with their friends, eating together at a cannabis-friendly cafe or restaurant, etc.


A 420 event is a perfect occasion for smoking your best cannabis buds with your friends and chilling in nature. You can try new cannabis strains or products at the 420 event.

Cannabis lovers can visit the following places in Saskatchewan:


  • Prince Albert National Park: It is an amazing natural forest area where the Prairies connect with the boreal forest. This national park has hiking trails, lakes, grasslands, woodlands, etc. You can consume cannabis in your camp before exploring the national park.

  • Grasslands National Park: It is a grassland area and has bison, prairie dogs, etc. You can enjoy cannabis here before hiking or going to see the Northern Lights in dark-sky preserves.

Cannabis lovers can enjoy the following special occasions, vacations, or events in Saskatchewan:


  • Adult Science Night – The Bud Bash: It is hosted by the Saskatchewan Science Centre. This cannabis-themed event focuses on creating awareness about cannabis among people in Saskatchewan. The Bud Bash event contains 6 activities, including a space trip named “StarTrip” to observe constellations of stars, planets, etc., an activity named “The 5 senses” to explore the power of our senses, “marijuana goggles” to experience how marijuana affects cognition, etc.

  • Roll and Bowl Saskatoon: It is organized by the Reef Agency in Saskatchewan. This event focuses on bringing cannabis brands and budtenders together in a controlled environment featuring live music, munchies, prizes, etc.

Places to eat in sasketchewan (cannabis-friendly)

The best places to eat in Saskatchewan, cannabis lovers may need permission before consuming cannabis, are the following:

  • 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House: It is a cozy cafe located in Regina, Saskatchewan. The cafe offers roasted coffee, vegetarian food, beer, wine, etc. The Food is prepared daily considering dietary-conscious and healthy recipes. You should ask if consuming cannabis is permitted here.

  • Ayden Kitchen and Bar: It is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and is well-known for Canadian cuisine and excellent customer service. The bar offers wine, cocktails, beer, etc. You should consider asking permission from managerial staff to consume cannabis here.

  • Bushwakker Brewpub: It is located in Regina, SK. This Brewpub is well-known for housemade beers. The pub offers 9 different beers and 20 seasonal beers. Alongside beers, the pub offers delicious Canadian wild boar burgers with red pepper toppings, crispy bacon, etc.

Do seek permission from managerial staff to consume cannabis in their restaurant, cafe, bar, or pub. If they allow cannabis consumption, ask them if they have any dedicated smoking room.

Cannabis Tourism in sasketchewan

Cannabis tourism in Saskatchewan includes the following places, events, or guided tours:


  • Prince Albert National Park: It is located in the North of Saskatchewan and has an area of 3,875 sq. km. It is a forest area with various wild animals, including bison, eagles, osprey, beaver, etc. You can do many activities, including camping, golfing, hiking, etc. You can consume cannabis at your camp before doing any activity.

  • Grasslands National Park: It is located in the Southwest of Saskatchewan and has an area of 570 sq. km. It is a large forest area containing many wild animals, including bison, burrowing owls, pronghorn antelope, etc. You can go hiking and primitive camping.¬†

Nightlife and Party Scenes in sasketchewan

Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy nightlife and party in Saskatchewan at the following bars and pubs:

  • 9 Mile Legacy Brewing: It is a brewery located in Saskatchewan and famous for its unique and homemade beers. You can party in its friendly and warm environment.

  • Neighbors Pub: It is one of the most friendly and welcoming bars in Lloydminster. You can play pool tables while drinking beers and wines.

Seek permission from the managerial staff at these pubs and bars before consuming cannabis on their premise. If they allow cannabis consumption, then ask whether they have a separate for smoking.


Famous Celebrities and Cannabis in sasketchewan

Famous celebrities in Saskatchewan include:

  • Tatiana Maslany: Tatiana was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, and has been active in acting since high school. She is well-known for her versatile roles in various TV shows and series, including “Orphan Black.”


  • Leslie Nielsen: Leslie, a Canadian actor, was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Leslie is famous for his comedy roles in films including “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun” series. He has also acted in various serious roles.


  • Kim Coates: Kim began his acting career in 1991 with “The Last Boy Scout” and has acted in more than 40 films till now. He is well-known for his roles in the movie “Black Hawk Down” and the TV series “Sons of Anarchy.”


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If your delivery is late, contact the cannabis store. We can provide updates and help resolve the issue.

No, it’s illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border.

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Final Thoughts

Save On Greens offers a convenient and reliable solution for Ontario humans seeking to purchase weed. Our online shop provides easy access to high-quality products tailored to your preferences. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for flowers, edibles, concentrates, or accessories.¬†

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We take great care in selecting our products. We aim to provide our customers with the finest weed, ensuring safety and potency at all times. 

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