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Weed Delivery Prince Edward Islands

Prince Edward Island had the highest per-capita cannabis expenditure of 13.83 CAD in the first 6 weeks of cannabis legalization, according to The per-capita cannabis spending of Canada was 2.65 CAD at that time. Prince Edward Island’s total cannabis sales stood at 3.5 million CAD at the end of 2018.

Online weed delivery services have gained popularity in Prince Edward Island due to Covid times. Prince Edward Island’s residents consider buying weed online a convenient, safe, and cheaper option.

Before you buy weed online in Prince Edward Island, you should learn laws and regulations for cannabis, places where you can consume weed, recreational things to do after cannabis consumption, etc. You will learn about SaveOnGreens, the best online weed delivery service in Prince Edward Island, and how you can order weed from us.

How to Buy Weed Flowers in Prince Edward Island?

Weed flowers can only be bought from government-approved retail stores in Prince Edward Island. There are 4 government-licensed cannabis retail stores in Prince Edward Island, each in O’Leary, Summerside, Charlottetown, and Montague. Cannabis can be bought online from sellers regulated by The Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation.


According to Prince Edward Island’s cannabis law, the buyer must be 19 or older. The buyer must purchase and possess less than 30 grams of cannabis per transaction.


You can buy high-quality weed from online dispensaries, like SaveOnGreens, at a cheaper price and get weed delivered to your house. Third-party delivery services, like Doordash, Uber Eats, etc., can also deliver weed to your house in Prince Edward Island.

Where to buy Marijuana Flowers in Prince Edward Island Canada

Marijuana flowers can only be bought from government-approved retailers in Prince Edward Island. To identify a government-licensed cannabis retailer, look for the following:


  • age verification

  • official excise stamp

  • The standardized cannabis symbol on the product

  • mandatory health warning messages

  • plain packaging and labeling that is child-resistant

Online dispensaries

Buying weed from online dispensaries in Prince Edward Island is the best option. Online dispensaries are safe and convenient and offer a variety of high-quality cannabis strains and products from various brands. SaveOnGreens, an online weed dispensary, offers same-day delivery in Prince Edward Island.


SaveOnGreens is the best government-licensed online weed dispensary in Prince Edward Island. We offer high-quality weed directly sourced from our farm partners at a cheaper price. We have responsive and friendly customer support to guide you through ordering.

Physical stores/Dispensaries


Physical weed retail stores are the 2nd best option for buying weed in Prince Edward Island. There are 4 government-licensed cannabis retail stores in Prince Edward Island. Buying weed from physical stores is less convenient compared to online dispensaries.

Streat Dealers


Buying weed from street dealers is the least preferred option due to the financial risks involved. The financial risks include stealing money, getting low-quality weed, etc.

What is the best way to get weed delivered in Prince Edward Island?


SaveOnGreens is the way to get weed delivered in Prince Edward Island, as we offer high-quality weed and other cannabis products at lower prices, convenience, and safety. Our cannabis prices are lower because we collect our cannabis directly from farm partners in Prince Edward Island.

Prices of Different Weed Products

The average price for 1 gram of weed from legal sources in Prince Edward Island is 11.19 CAD, according to StatistiqueCanada (

The factors that affect cannabis pricing in Prince Edward Island are: 

  • The rarity of the cannabis strain
  • THC/CBD content¬†
  • Cultivation method

Product Type

Average Cost

PURPLE DIESEL (dried flower, 21% THC)

44 CAD per 7 grams

LA KUSH CAKE (dried flower, 23% THC)

69 CAD per 7 grams


42 CAD per 30 pieces

SIGNATURE LIVE ROSIN (concentrate, 600 mg)

60 CAD per 1 gram


SaveOnGreens collect weed directly from the farm partners to eliminate various distribution commissions and offer you high-quality weed at cheaper price and discount.

Common Weeds in Prince Edward Island and Local Farms

Common weeds in Prince Edward Island include Blueberry, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, OG Kush, Pink Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Northern Light.


According to, there are 11 cannabis farms in Prince Edward Island, including F.T.C Enterprises, Dosecann, Mila Supply, BioVectra, etc.

Cannabis Laws in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island government has the following regulations for consumers and producers under the cannabis law:


  • Must buy from a government-licensed store. There are 4 storefronts in Prince Edward Island.

  • Must be 19 years old or above.

  • Consuming cannabis in public places is prohibited. You can consume weed in private properties like tents, trailers, rooms, homes, etc.

  • Must not possess more than 30 grams of cannabis.

  • Non-commercial producers must not grow more than 4 cannabis plants per household.

  • Commercial producers must get licensed before growing cannabis.

Weed Culture in Prince Edward Island

Cannabis culture in Prince Edward Island is growing significantly. PEI has the highest number of cannabis enthusiasts in Canada after cannabis legalization in 2018. PEI’s cannabis expenditure per capita stood at 13.83 CAD by the end 2018. PEI’s total cannabis sales stood at 16 million CAD in 2020.


Prince Edward Island has bars, cafes, and public tourist places where smoking weed is acceptable. Residents can buy weed from online dispensaries or 4 government-approved physical cannabis storefronts.

Cannabis enthusiasts can do the following things in Prince Edward Island:


  • Visit Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place

  • Go for deep-sea fishing and learn about catching crabs and lobsters.

  • Visit and explore Orwell Corner Historic Village.

  • Enjoy the best ice creams at Cows Creamery.

  • Visit Charlottetown‚Äôs Historic District and explore the history and architecture of Charlottetown.

  • Explore various national parks, including King‚Äôs Castle Provincial Park, PEI National Park, etc.

Cannabis enthusiasts can visit the following places in Prince Edward Island:


  • Cavendish Beach: This beach is located on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island National Park, which is 42 km long. It showcases dunes, sandstone, wetlands, etc. The national park is open to all and offers full service between mid-May and mid-October. You can smoke cannabis here in your tents before walking on the beach and enjoying the view.

  • Basin Head Provincial Park: This park is located in the east of Prince Edward Island. It is a beautiful place and showcases white sand beaches, warm water in summer, singing sands that generate squeaking sounds due to silica content, children’s play area, showers, and canteen. Light your cannabis joint in tents or other private settings before enjoying the scenic beauty.

Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy the following special occasions and vacations on Prince Edward Island:


  • Atlantic Canada Cannabis Conference and Expo (ACExpo): This cannabis expo is hosted by a Prince Edward Island-based company named Gocanna at the PEI Convention Centre. This expo’s main aim was to highlight the regional cannabis industry. It includes cannabis presentations, interactive workshops, networking among industry professionals, etc. This conference gathers cannabis experts across Atlantic Canada.

  • Various 4/20 Events: The 4/20 event is celebrated across Canada, including Prince Edward Island. The 4/20 event, held in 2022, included various sub-events like comedy performances by Eric Johnston, musical performances by Andrew Waite at Trailside Music Hall, etc.

Places to Eat in Prince Edward Island (cannabis-friendly)

Cannabis enthusiasts can eat at the following places in Prince Edward Island:

  • Claddagh Oyster House: It is located in Charlottetown. It’s food menu comprises dishes prepared using local ingredients from land and sea. It is well-known locally for its contemporary and classic cuisine.

  • Dave’s Lobster: It is situated in Charlottetown. It offers delicious lobster rolls with minimal and flavorful food dressing.¬†

  • Point Prim Chowder House: It is located in Belfast. It offers various dishes, including lobster rolls, pulled pork grilled cheese, etc.

  • Lighthouse Willy’s Restaurant: It is located in O’Leary. It offers various fresh seafood dishes, including mussels, lobster, pan-fried fish, etc.


Consider asking permission from managerial staff before lighting a cannabis joint on these restaurant’s premises. They may allow cannabis consumption and have a separate room for it.

Cannabis Tourism in Prince Edward Island

Cannabis tourism is growing significantly in Prince Edward Island, and the tourism opportunities are phenomenal, according to an article on Gocanna, a cannabis tourism company, highlighted the growth in cannabis tourism as various entrepreneurs, like hotel owners, restaurant owners, island owners, etc., are allowing cannabis consumption on their premises. They create smoking rooms for smoking weed.


Various national parks and beaches in Prince Edward Island, including Cavendish Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park, etc., allow cannabis consumption in private tents and camps.

Nightlife and Party Scenes in Prince Edward Island

Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy nightlife and party in Prince Edward Island at the following bars and pubs:


  • Bar1911 Beer + Coffee: This modern bar is located in Charlottetown. Its beverage menu contains over 20 craft beers and ciders. This bar also offers a coffee menu for non-alcoholic people.

  • Deckhouse Pub & Eatery: This pub is located in Summerside. It offers various classic cocktails, beers, and a beautiful view of the harbor and yachts.

  • Baba‚Äôs Lounge: This lounge is located in Charlottetown. It is a perfect place for music enthusiasts as it offers a pub-style setting and hosts musicians for a soothing musical atmosphere. It is well-known locally for the combination of good beer and music.

Famous Celebrities and Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Famous celebrities in Prince Edward Island are the following:

  • Martha MacIsaac: Martha was born in Charlottetown on 11 Oct 1984. She is well-known for her acting and writing career. She has worked in many TV shows and films, including “The Last House on the Left,” “Superbad,” and “The Thaw.”

  • Claire Rankin: Claire was born in Prince Edward Island. She is a well-known actor and got the popularity and recognition for the “Mary Critch” role in the “Son Of A Critch” comedy series.

Jonathan Torrens: Jonathan is a performer, writer, and producer. Jonathan’s acting and hosting work includes hosting “Street Cents,” “Trailer Park Boys,” etc.


Yes, the Save on Greens weed delivery service is available in Prince Edward Island.

Weed delivery is legal in Prince Edward Island. Online dispensaries must show a copy of the government-issued retail cannabis store license. The weed delivery must be accepted by a person older than 19 years.

The weed delivery process in Prince Edward Island includes the following steps:

  1. You browse and add cannabis products to your cart on SaveOnGreen’s online website.
  2. Provide personal details like name, address, date of birth, phone number, and delivery instructions.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Show your proof of age verification when delivery arrives and accept the delivery.

SaveOnGreens delivers weed the same day in Prince Edward Island if you order the product before 11 AM. After 11 AM, the delivery will be made the next day.

SaveonGreens accepts Interac email e-transfers for payment.

Yes, you can order weed delivery for someone else in Prince Edward Island. Make sure that the delivery is accepted by a person who is 19 years old or above.

Contact SaveOnGreens’ customer support with your order number if your delivery is delayed or does not arrive, and we will connect with Canada Post to trace your products.

No, you cannot send weed from Prince Edward Island to another province. According to delivery regulations, cannabis can only be delivered within Prince Edward Island.

We deliver weed all over Canada.

Final Thoughts

Save On Greens offers a convenient and reliable solution for Ontario humans seeking to purchase weed. Our online shop provides easy access to high-quality products tailored to your preferences. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for flowers, edibles, concentrates, or accessories.¬†

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We take great care in selecting our products. We aim to provide our customers with the finest weed, ensuring safety and potency at all times. 

With our efficient delivery service, you can say goodbye to the hassle of visiting physical stores or enduring long wait times. Save On Greens brings the weed directly to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.