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Weed Delivery British Columbia

British Columbia had 32% of adults consuming cannabis within the last 12 months in 2021, according to According to, total sales of cannabis were 430 million CAD in the first half of 2022, which is 80 million CAD more than the 1st half of 2021.

British Columbia’s cannabis market is estimated at 2 billion CAD annually due to the growth of the online market. In 2020, BC sold 397 million CAD worth of cannabis via retail, online, and wholesale markets.

British Columbia has strict laws and regulations for cannabis consumers and sellers. You should know the laws before buying or consuming weed in BC province. In this article, you will learn about cannabis laws, how to buy weed in BC, recreational activities after cannabis consumption, etc.


How to Buy Weed Flowers in British Columbia

Weed flowers can only be bought from government-licensed retail stores and online dispensaries in British Columbia. According to, there are 436 cannabis retail stores licensed by the British Columbia government.

According to British Columbia’s cannabis law, the buyer must be 19 years old or above. The buyer must possess less than 30 grams of cannabis publicly.

You can buy high-quality weed and cannabis products from online dispensaries, like SaveOnGreens, at lower prices, and we also deliver your cannabis order to your house. Third-party delivery services, like Doordash, Uber Eats, etc., can also deliver weed and cannabis products to your house in British Columbia.


Where to buy Marijuana Flowers in British Columbia Canada

Marijuana flowers can only be bought from government-approved retailers and online dispensaries in British Columbia. To identify a government-approved cannabis retailer, look for the following details:

age verification

official excise stamp

The standardized cannabis symbol on the product

mandatory health warning messages

plain packaging and labeling that is child-resistant


Online Dispensaries

Online Dispensaries are the best option for buying marijuana in British Columbia because they have various cannabis products and brands, high-quality weed, lower prices, and discounts. Buying weed from an online dispensary is convenient as weed gets delivered to your house.

SaveOnGreens, a government-approved weed delivery service, is the best online dispensary to get your weed delivered to your house in British Columbia. We collect our cannabis directly from farm partners in British Columbia, resulting in lower prices of cannabis products.

Physical Stores/Dispensaries

Physical retail stores are the 2nd best option for buying weed in British Columbia. Buying from physical stores is inconvenient because you have to drive to the stores and have fewer cannabis products and brands.

Street Dealers

Street Dealers are the worst option to buy weed from because of the financial and legal risks, including stealing money, low-quality cannabis, and getting fined by the government, as it is prohibited to buy weed from illegal sellers.

What is the best way to get weed delivered in British Columbia?

SaveOnGreens is the way to get weed delivered in British Columbia. SaveOnGreens offers high-quality weed and other marijuana products at lower prices. Ordering weed from us is convenient and safe as we have a government license. Our cannabis prices are lower because we collect our cannabis directly from farm partners in British Columbia.


Prices of Different Weed Products

The average price for 1 gram of weed from legal sources in British Columbia is 9.32 CAD, according to StatistiqueCanada.

The factors that affect cannabis pricing in British Columbia are: 

  • The rarity of the cannabis strain
  • THC/CBD content¬†
  • Cultivation method

Product Type

Average Cost

DESSERT (apple fritter, 300mg THC)

185 CAD per 28 grams


178 CAD per 28 grams


42 CAD per 3.5 grams


52 CAD per 3.5 grams

SaveOnGreens collect weed directly from the farm partners in British Columbia to remove various distribution commissions and offer you high-quality weed at lower price and discount.

Common Weeds in British Columbia and Local Farms

Common weeds in British Columbia include Mac 1 (hybrid strain), Death Bubba (Indica-dominant strain), Cold Creek Kush (Indica-dominant strain), Blue Dream (sativa-dominant strain), and Headstash (Indica-dominant strain).

According to, there are over 200 cannabis farms or producers in British Columbia, including Pristine Distributions, Rosebud Productions, Sweetgrass Cannabis, Green Sky Laboratories, etc.


Cannabis Laws in British Columbia

British Columbia has the following regulations for consumers under its cannabis laws:

Consumers must be 19 years old or above.

Must buy from government-approved retail stores or online dispensaries.

Must show ID to verify your age when buying cannabis.

Adults (19 years or above) can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public places.

Must not use cannabis in some public places frequently visited by minors (19 years or younger), bus stops, etc.

Can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.

Commercial producers must get licensed by the government. 


Weed Culture in British Columbia

British Columbia’s cannabis culture has grown significantly since 2018. In 2018, 28% of BC residents consumed cannabis; in 2021, 32% of residents consumed cannabis within the last 12 months.


The cannabis industry adds 2 billion CAD to British Columbia’s GDP. In the first half of 2022, BC’s total cannabis sales stood at 430 million CAD. BC produces 36.6% of total Canadian cannabis.


Cannabis enthusiasts can do the following things in British Columbia:

Visit The Vancouver Art Gallery and explore artistic work.

Visit Forbidden Vancouver and explore the city’s history.

Play video and arcade games in the Rec Room.

Visit Jimi Hendrix Shrine and pay tribute to the legendary guitarist.

Explore scientific exhibits by visiting Science World in Vancouver.

Enjoy comedy shows at Havana Vancouver.

Relax peacefully in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.


Cannabis enthusiasts can visit the following places in British Columbia:

Yoho National Park: It is situated in British Columbia. This national park is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery and marijuana-growing area. You can go hiking along the trails, enjoy waterfalls, hold 500 million years old fossils, etc. Smoking cannabis is legal in Yoho National Park but in specific areas, including your tent, camp, open areas, etc. In the night, you can relax after smoking a marijuana joint.

Granville Island: It is situated in Vancouver. Granville Island is a lively place famous for fresh foods and artisan shops. Smoking weed is permitted on this island. So, smoke weed and then explore the unique atmosphere of Granville Island.


Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy the following special occasions and vacations in British Columbia:

420 Vancouver Cannabis Festival: A notable cannabis festival for celebrating cannabis culture in British Columbia. 420 Vancouver is hosted on April 20th every year. The event involves many locations, including Sunset Beach, Vancouver, etc. The event’s activities include live music, cannabis consumption, lectures by guest speakers, etc.

BC Cannabis Summit: This cannabis summit is hosted by BC Craft Farmers Co-op. It is a 3-day event focused on sharing key insights from cannabis experts, cannabis policies, business trade shows, and networking. This summit is attended by craft cannabis farmers, retailers, budtenders, community leaders, etc.


Places to Eat in British Columbia (cannabis-friendly)

Cannabis enthusiasts can eat at the following places in British Columbia:

New Amsterdam Caf√©: It was originally founded in 1998 in Vancouver, BC. This cafe is the perfect place to eat for cannabis enthusiasts. The Amsterdam cafe offers fresh coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches, and smoking essentials, like bongs, rolling papers, etc. Their food menu contains turkey, bacon, guac sandwich, etc. Smoking weed is allowed in the cafe’s premises. However, seek their approval before smoking and ask if they have a separate room.

The Bearfoot Bistro: This restaurant is situated in Whistler, British Columbia. The restaurant offers seasonal dishes prepared from local ingredients. Some of the dishes include Albacore tuna and miso emulsion. They have a wine cellar of 17,000 bottles.


Cannabis Tourism in British Columbia

Cannabis tourism is growing in British Columbia as more people are becoming cannabis enthusiasts in recent years. Many enterprises started offering Cannabis tours of Vancouver. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs have started allowing cannabis consumption in their premises.

Cannabis tour companies, like, offer various sites for exploration, including the ocean, mountains, coastline, etc. offers a cannabis tour of the ocean and mountains for 164 CAD after buying cannabis from nearby cannabis stores. The tour starts after reaching the cannabis consumption site, and from there, the exploration starts.

Nightlife and Party Scenes in British Columbia

Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy nightlife and party in British Columbia at the following bars and pubs:

Granville Entertainment District: This district is the most lively place for drinking and partying in Vancouver. There are many nightclubs like “The Roxy” and “Belmont Bar” in the Granville Entertainment District.

Guilt & Co: It frequently hosts party events with DJs and bands at night. Guild & Co. offers day and night-time food with various beers, wines, and cocktails.

Opus Bar: It is a bar owned by the Opus Hotel. Every night in the Opus Bar has the best DJs and bands to make the atmosphere musical and dance-worthy.

The Fortune Sound Club: It is famous for its amazing sound system and the performances of skillful DJs. This sound club also hosts musical concerts in different genres regularly.

Famous Celebrities and Cannabis in British Columbia

Famous celebrities in British Columbia are the following:

Carrie-Anne Moss: Carrie-Anne, an actress from the “The Matrix trilogy,” was born in Burnaby and lived in Vancouver. She played the role of Trinity in The Matrix Trilogy. She started her acting career when she was 11 years old with Vancouver Children’s Musical Theatre.

Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Renolds is a famous actor known for his roles in various movies, including “Blade: Trinity,” “Green Lantern,” “Deadpool,” etc. He got popular for his role as Hannibal King in the movie “Blade: Trinity.”



Yes, the Save on Greens weed delivery service is available in British Columbia.

Weed delivery is legal in British Columbia. Online dispensaries must show a copy of the government-issued retail cannabis store license. The weed delivery must be done to a person older than 19 years.

The weed delivery process in British Columbia includes the following steps:

  1. You browse and add cannabis products to your cart on SaveOnGreen’s online website.
  2. Provide personal details like name, address, date of birth, phone number, and delivery instructions.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Show your proof of age verification when delivery arrives and accept the delivery.

SaveOnGreens delivers weed the same day in British Columbia if you order the product before 11 AM. After 11 AM, the delivery will be made the next day.

Save on Green accepts credit card payments for online orders. It’s quick, secure, and hassle-free. Add your preferred products to the cart, proceed to checkout, and choose the credit card option to complete your purchase.


Yes, you can order weed delivery for someone else in British Columbia. Make sure that the delivery is accepted by a person who is 19 years old or above.

If your delivery is late, contact the cannabis store. We can provide updates and help resolve the issue.

No, you cannot send weed from British Columbia to another province. According to delivery regulations, cannabis can only be delivered within British Columbia.

We deliver weed all over Canada. Save on Greens delivers all over Canada, including the provinces of Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ontario, Quebec, Vancouver, Halifax, Hamilton, and Winnipeg.

Final Thoughts

Save On Greens offers a convenient and reliable solution for Ontario humans seeking to purchase weed. Our online shop provides easy access to high-quality products tailored to your preferences. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for flowers, edibles, concentrates, or accessories.¬†

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We take great care in selecting our products. We aim to provide our customers with the finest weed, ensuring safety and potency at all times. 

With our efficient delivery service, you can say goodbye to the hassle of visiting physical stores or enduring long wait times. Save On Greens brings the weed directly to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.