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Shopping For a CBD Vape Pen in Canada? Consider These Top Brands

CBD vaping is increasing in popularity in Canada. One of the factors impacting this growth rate is the fact that vaping is one of the easiest and legal methods available to consume CBD oil in Canada.

CBD oil is a game-changer in public health. For most people dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and any other health conditions treatable with CBD, vaping provides a convenient and fast relief option. Inhaling CBD oil gives almost instant effects as CBD travels directly from the lungs into the bloodstream, where it is adsorbed.

Vaping CBD also provides 70% bioavailability, meaning your body will absorb more CBD compounds than it would from other consumption methods like smoking which offers 30%, and oral consumption, which only gives 6-20% bioavailability.

The Three Best Vape Pen Brands in Canada.

Vaping is no doubt the healthiest way of enjoying the effects of CBD oil. Vape pens are increasingly becoming popular in Canada, and this market is about to explode. Since most vape pens are sold online, you may find yourself in a dilemma, wondering which is the best vape pen to purchase. Consider these top brands.

  • KandyPens

The KandyPens brand sets itself apart from other brands with outstanding, high-quality pen devices. If you are looking for a convenient way to carry your vaping habit around- KandyPens it is!

KandyPens emphasizes the build quality and dependability of their pens with a unique touch of luxury and class. This five-star brand of vaporizer pens brings you a healthier and more discreet way of vaping coupled with the most refined flavor-vapor production.

With each puff, you’ll be blown into the aroma and effects of your herbs, wax, or oil in a smooth, delightful intake that sends your lungs into seventh heaven.

KandyPens avails a massive variety of vaping pens and portable vaporizers with a simple yet efficient vaping model. With practically every color available, you can select one that sparks your interest.

  • FreeMax

Since its establishment in 2013, FreeMax has been taking the vaping industry by storm- and rightfully so. Every single FreeMax vaping device has a bold and durable design that screams style. FreeMax pens provide great flavors and smooth yet efficient vaping that is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most fashionable ways of smoking.

This top-end vaping hardware brand is best known for its technology-advanced vaping devices. Vaping should be easy and enjoyable. And FreeMax provides nothing short of that with the FreeMax Maxpod Kit and FreeMax Twister, to mention a few of their best-known varieties of vaping pens and portable vaporizers.

With distinctive colors, exceptional portability, and fascinating shapes, it is not a wonder that FreeMax devices have earned themselves great reviews from the vaping community.

Take your vaping experience a step higher with a FreeMax pen that provides you all the fulfilling amounts of nicotine and a natural taste of your favorite products without any struggles. Once you get your hands on FreeMax pens, the high-quality, keenness to detail and notable craftsmanship lets you enjoy the top-notch performance of this device.

  • Tronian Nutron

Tronian Nutron is a brand most smoking enthusiasts can relate to. Tronian Nutron pens are made for use with vape oil cartridges. These pens are best known for their button operating system that lets you manage the kind of vapor your cartridge produces.

Tronian Nutron vape pens give you an experience that is nothing but smooth. Its’ 3 voltage settings ensure an excellent tailoring session for a perfect smoke that lasts and performance that delivers.

For enjoyable and straightforward smoking, the Tronian Nutron vape pen has a button-activated design. You can conveniently activate the pre-heat mode to warm your liquid before it is vaporized and better flavor production.

Tronian Nutron appeals to many vapers thanks to its incredibly low maintenance and ease of use. It lets you enjoy the natural flavor of your favorite products at an affordable and highly reasonable price.

Four Crucial Things You Must Know Before Vaping CBD Oil.

Some people vape CBD oil purely for its relaxation effects. You can enhance your oil with delightful flavors to improve its taste and aroma. While vaping CBD is arguably the most enjoyable way to consume your CBD, some people may shy away from it for various concerns. Let’s shine some light on some of these concerns.

Will Vaping CBD Get Me High?

The correct answer is no! Vaping CBD oil won’t make you high. CBD oil processed for vaping is usually sourced from industrial hemp plants containing very minimal THC traces (0.3%), which cannot give you a euphoric high. Unless the CBD is extracted from marijuana which possesses much higher THC amounts, you can never get high on vaping CBD oil.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

The correct amount of CBD dosage for vaping is determined by the purpose of use, the ailment being treated, and your body tolerance. To find out your right amount for vaping, we advise that you begin with a small CBD dosage (2mg) and work your way up until you get your desired effects.

A typical 200mg vape cartridge containing 200 puffs provides 1-2mg of CBD with each puff. This strength, however, differs per product, and you can find this information in your product labeling. An average CBD oil user consumes about 10-30mg of CBD every day. A patient treating ailments like inflammation and chronic pain can consume between 200-1000mg each day.

Are There Side Effects of Vaping CBD Oil?

Though research in this area is still in its early stages, CBD vaping’s most noted side effect is mild drowsiness. This effect is mainly felt by novice vapers and usually subsides with consistent use. Other effects that a user may experience are light euphoria, headaches, hunger, nausea, and red eyes.

Can I Overdose on CBD?

You can never overdose on CBD. CBD oil has a reverse tolerance and very minimal toxicity. This means that your body cannot build a tolerance to CBD, and it works better when taken for longer periods. In fact, studies reveal that for you to overdose on CBD, you would have to consume hundreds of times the quantity of CBD that you take daily and over a much shorter time. You can never consume enough cannabidiol to overdose!

Note: If you are a novice of CBD vaping, please note that when people mention ‘CBD Oil Vaping,’ they refer to CBD e-juice/CBD vape juice. These are juices processed precisely for vaping, and they don’t contain any oils. Instead, vape juices are made using food-grade ingredients safe for consumption, like vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Other CBD products made for oral consumption only, like tinctures and edibles, do contain oils.

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