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Popcorn Zombie Kush (AA)

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Zombie Kush is an Indica dominant strain extracted by the cross of multiple strains including the Lavender clone, Amnesia crossed with Bubba kush strains. The parent bubba kush is originated from the historical Hindu kush mountains with 100% Indica properties and famous because of its relaxing high.

If you are looking for the perfect relaxing high, Zombie kush is the winner of 1st place at 2016’s UCLA event. We at Save on Greens noticed that it’s high effects help you in achieving a calm and relaxing mind.

After smoking zombie kush, you will notice that it’s not only good at mind high but can give you soothing body high as well. If you are a new consumer you may also experience the Europhic effects.

The THC level of Zombie kush goes up to 21% and the consumer will experience the uplifting high effects.

When it comes to the medical benefits, zombie kush is considered as one of the best for treating insomnia and can surely help you in achieving the quality night sleep.

Also, We at save on greens noticed that it’s very helpful for the consumers struggling with depression because of its uplifting high effects and happy vibes.

If you are looking to grow zombie kush yourself, it’s not very difficult to grow both indoor and outdoor. The flowering type of zombie kush is photoperiod and you can expect the grown flowers within 8 weeks. The ideal harvest time of zombie kush is early October.


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