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White Zombie (AA)

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If you’ve been suffering from a creative block, you’ve found a heck of a strain to help you get through it. White Zombie is a stress-relieving hybrid strain that is rumored to be a descendant of Zombie OG, however many believe that its creator just loved Rob Zombie and it has no ties to the White or Zombie family. With no breeders on record to ask, this one is likely to stay a mystery.

The White Zombie high is euphoric and nearly instantaneous. After the first toke, you’ll feel a cerebral rush come over you, your limbs will tingle, and your body will go completely energetic. Some even report that this initial wave gets them in the mood for some lovin’. If you are one of the lucky ones who is aroused at this phase, be aware that it could last for hours. That joyful feeling of uplifting creativity rolls throughout the high and gives you the urge to get to work with your hands. Once the energy begins to fade, you’ll find yourself in a state of almost complete sedation. Now would be a good time to grab a pillow and a movie, because you’ll be here a while.


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