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White Widow Cheese (AAA)

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White  Widow Cheese strain is a hybrid strain with a three-way cross of Afghani, Super Skunk, and Cheese. The smell of White Widow Cheese comes as a mixture of the original strains with a higher concentration of the cheesy aroma, which can be regarded as nothing less than pungent.

The outlook of the White Widow Cheese strain is lumpy with amber pistils and resin coating covering it. The mixture of the cheesy smoke and the skunky taste can be felt upon exhale leading to a pleasant buzz, making you more creative and functional. However, missing out on some of the stuff is more likely possible and is one of the reasons for its categorization as the stress reliever.

It can be easily grown in compact arrangements, making it a perfect choice for the cultivators who have smaller growing areas. Its resistance to extreme temperatures makes it an outdoor strain. 7-8 weeks of flowering time is usually required to get fully blossomed flowers.

You don’t have to wait for a specific time or occasion before consuming it, as it is mellow with the THC content of 14% only. It will take you off the edge but won’t create much of the problems in letting you performing the day-to-day tasks. More suited after a tiresome day at work.

The CBD level in the White Widow Cheese strain is around 4%, which makes it an efficient pain reliever. It can help people suffering from migraines, headaches, and chronic pain. It also works for alleviating anxiety and reducing inflammation from different parts of the body including the brain, which can be the cause of depression. Moreover, the treatment of arthritis pain is also possible with this magical hybrid strain.

The major medical benefit that the White Widow Cheese strain brings in is the feeling of relaxation. Smoking it once can relieve you with your entire day of fatigue because of which you can expect to have a drowsy feeling, leading to a peaceful slumber. It can make you happy and euphoric with improvements in the focus level too. Dry mouth and dry eyes are two of the main shortcomings that come with this strain.

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