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White Fire OG (AA)

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White Fire OG strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain developed with the combination of Fire OG kush and the white cannabis kush. Fire OG kush is famous because it can last more than four hours, leading to an intense time.

The White fire OG strain is also known as the “Triangle” first developed in Florida. Because of the Indica family, it’s famous for body relaxation effects and considered good strain for reducing depression and anxiety as smoking “The White” will make the user happy and euphoric.

The THC level of White Fire OG strain is up to 26 percent with just 0.5 to 0.7 CBD content present in it. We at save on greens noticed that the aroma of Fire OG is earthly and smells like diesel. It may taste like lemons, but some people would refer the Fire OG taste like sweet bud.
When it comes to the effects of Fire OG, high-time starts with an uplifting buzz and has the ability to couch-lock the user for more than four hours, meaning it can be powerful for new users.

White Fire OG can reduce physical pain quickly and if you are looking for depression treatment with cannabis, this is considered the best product for reducing depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
The votes for this strain on reducing the stress are also high as it can relax the full body of the consumer and can make the user happy for a long-session.

If you are looking to do something creative after smoking cannabis, White Fire OG strain can be your best friend as we at Save on Greens noticed that the claims of people are true that it can get you 10/10 scores on creativity and can reduce focus but still better when compared with other Indica dominant strains.

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    buzzholmes (verified owner)

    very nice weed. i enjoyed this a lot and would recommend it and order again

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