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White Cookies Popcorn (AA)

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White Cookies strain is an Indica dominant with 70% indica-sativa extracted by the combination of two parents: White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies.

The parent White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain known for it’s uplifting and happy effects on consumers. The other parent, Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid and famous for its body relaxing and happy effects.

White cookies come with the good THC levels up to 18% and can give instant euphoric effects to the consumers.

The special thing about white cookies strain is it’s aroma as we at Save on Greens noticed that it feels like a combination of best cookies in the market and upon exhale you will get this perfectly sweet and chocolaty ting coming out from your mouth.

The effects of white cookies strain starts with the head and makes the consumer extremely relaxed and euphoric. You may find yourself in a happy and giggly state right after taking the hit. It’s hybrid properties feel good, but it is not very hard high to control.

For beginners, it’s the perfect strain to try that will make you happy and comfortable talking to everyone and the best use would be with the group of friends.

If you want to do something that requires your focus, white cookies strain is a good choice to consume before starting.

When it comes to the medical benefits, white cookies kush can help with anxiety because of it’s extreme euphoria and happiness properties. It can also help you with chronic pain with it’s stoned or body relaxation properties.

If you want to grow this strain yourself, it’s very easy to grow as it could be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments within just 9 to 10 weeks.

Do you want to buy white cookies strain online? Save on Greens is the best option as our goal is to provide you with the locally sourced cheap weed online without losing any quality, order now it’s easy…

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