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Wedding Cake Live Resin



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Wedding Cake Live Resin or Pink cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that has been formed as a result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. However, its origin is a bit disputed and some experts consider it to be a combination of Triangle Kush x Animal Mints


The shape of the buds of this resin is different as compared to other buds. The buds look like a tear and are present in dense formation along with orange, red, or pink hair present in the surroundings. Flowery or blueberry taste with a sweet touch as an after taste can be felt while consuming these Pink Cookies. Similarly, the earthy aroma is part of this resin.


You can get these buds in 8 weeks. Higher productivity can be expected if grown indoors in a warm humid environment. To grow them outdoors, you’ll need to maintain the physical variables quite closely.


The THC content found in this strain exceeds the whopping 24%. Because of this high THC content, this strain has been nominated for the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup.


Wedding Cake Live Resin got its name because of the utility that it provides to its consumers. Experts regard this resin to be the best when considering the nighttime entertainment including its usage by the newlywed couples.


It can create a euphoric impact, which uplifts the mood, alleviates all the tensions. Wedding Cake Live Resin impacts the mind and body alike putting the mind to rest and body to sedate, leaving an overall condition of happiness and euphoria covering your personality.


In addition, the higher the THC content uplifts your mood considerably. It could be because of the euphoric feeling, which is the main property of wedding cake live resin. Medically, this characteristic can actually help in relieving the patients from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and other such conditions.


Some of the users of wedding cake live resin have also reported that they have felt hungry after its consumption. You can use it for treating low appetite issues, especially anorexia.


Wedding cake Live Resin has high THC content so it is not recommended to be used by newbies. In order to get the best value for your money, place your order with Save on Greens now.


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