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Violator Kush Popcorn (AAA)

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Violator Kush strain is an Indica domain hybrid developed with the cross of Malana Strains and the Hindu Kush. Malana Strain is a pure Sativa named because of the Northern India village who considered it as the best strain for controlling chronic fatigue and depression.

Hindu kush is another parent of Violator Kush. It’s a pure Indica strain introduced by Afghanistan and is famous because of its long-lasting effects.

The Aroma of Violator Kush is earthly, and for a non-smoker, its smell is pungent and dark. Also, the taste of kush is like spicy pines.

THC Level of violator kush is around 24% and 2% of CBD content. A high after smoking Violator will start slow with full-body buzz until reaching long-lasting relaxation.

As Violator kush is an Indica dominant strain, you can only expect full-body relaxation without any focus and lockdown with a couch, especially when you are tired after a long busy day.

The user will feel tired with dope eyes becoming very difficult to focus on anything after smoking violator kush, so it will be better not to plan anything that requires thoughtful attention after smoking the kush.

It’s an excellent medical strain as the Indica is dominant and can surely help in soothing physical pain, stress, and depression. If you are facing chronic illness, violator kush is one of the best choices for you.

People who are looking for mental relaxation can use this strain and enjoy the long-lasting soothing effects. Also, people who are facing Insomnia will love this product as it can reduce the mental tensions and help the user in getting a night of good sleep.

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