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Tsunami (AAA)

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Tsunami strain is a Northern Berry Indica dominant. Genetically, Himalaya and Blueberry cannabis strains have been crossed to create this product.

The light green color, a heavy dusting of trichomes, and the bright orange hair give it the distinct look. The bud of the Tsunami strain is conical in shape. based on which the name of the strain is used. Fruity and spicy notes can be felt in the taste and aroma both, making the taste buds feel exotic and giving you an addictive scent-aroma profile to rely on.

The flowering period of a Tsunami is 40 – 45 days. The short flowering period makes the Tsunami strain one of the top choices of the farmers to be grown.

20- 26% THC content in Tsunami makes it a strong weed. An immediate high should be expected upon the consumption of a Tsunami. However, the intensity of the high gets stronger, several minutes after consumption. The psychoactive effects of the Tsunami strain can be felt on both the body and the mind. During the high, a surge in the cerebral energy is felt in your brain, which leads you to a dreamy euphoria. All the negative and stress-provoking thoughts are subsided with an overall happy feeling covering your mind.

Even the consumers of this strain have reported an increase in the senses and focus too. Thus it can prove helpful in socializing and encouraging the creative thought process.

Similarly, a strong impact can be felt on the body too. Tsunami strain helps the muscles in relaxing and feeling calmer, helping you reduces the stress associated with your day-to-day routine. The comfort of relaxing can often help the strain users to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

With these properties of the Tsunami strain, it is helpful in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression because consuming it can readily take you to the euphoric world. Similarly, the bodily relaxation that comes with this strain is so strong that it can help patients with insomnia and sleep disorders. Moreover, physical relaxation also has an important role in treating uneasiness and mild pain.

It can be consumed as a daytime and evening strain because of its mild relaxing properties, creative and social streak that it creates.

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