Trippy Tea Tube

Origin: Canada

Effects: Visuals, Time Distortion, Deep Introspection

Good For: Creativity boost, Emotional Release, Spiritual Exploration


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Discover the unique blend of magic and convenience with our Trippy Tea Tube. This special tea is designed for Keurig machines and brings the exciting world of magic mushrooms into your cup with ease. Each tube has two K cups, each filled with 2g of magic mushrooms, totalling 4g per tube. This makes it easy to choose your adventure level.


  • Includes: 2 K cups (2g magic mushrooms per cup)
  • Total Quantity: 4g of magic mushrooms per tube
  • Compatibility: Made for Keurig machines
  • Bonus: 5 paper teabags for traditional brewing


  • Moderate Dose (1 K cup): Mild hallucinations, 3D closed-eye visuals, slight synesthesia, a distorted sense of time, uncontrollable laughter, feelings of interconnectedness, and empathy.
  • Mega Dose (2 K cups): Prepare for heavy hallucinations, ego dissolution, a mild disconnect from reality, complete loss of time perception, enhanced synesthesia, and out-of-body experiences.

Why Choose Trippy Tea Tube?

  • Unique Tea Experience: First-ever magic mushroom tea for Keurig users.
  • Customizable: Enjoy a mild trip with one cup or go deeper with two.
  • Hassle-Free: Easy to use in your Keurig or as a regular tea.
  • Exciting Effects: Experience joy, vivid colors, and laughter.
Trippy Tea Tube is great for anyone curious about a new, fun way to experience magic mushrooms. It’s easy, flexible, and sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy it responsibly and dive into a world of joyful adventures.  

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