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Trainwreck (AA)

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Another strain, which is named after the impact and utility that it can provide to its consumers i.e. trainwreck. This Sativa dominant hybrid strain can provide you with an impact that you’ll feel a hit like freight train. Such a strong impact can be felt with this strain because the strength of Mexican and Thai sativa has been combined with Afghani Indica and the result is the mind-boggling features of the Trainwreck resin. This strain is 90% Sativa and only 10% Indica but still, the Indica-based properties can be properly felt.


The indoor cultivation of trainwreck strain might take up to 8 weeks but the outdoor growth of the same strain can be done earlier. The leaves of trainwreck plant are long but very limited. The buds are green in color and have massive trichomes surrounding the entire bud and making it looks like grey in color.


The aroma of trainwreck strain is a mixture of sweet lime and spicy pine. A noticeable lemon touch can also be felt. The taste is so strong that it can actually lead to a mild cough while you try consuming it. The THC content in the Trainwreck buds ranges from 14-17% with no CBD reported. Still, the users have reported the Indica dominant characteristics of pain-numbing buzz and relaxing body as well.


Trainwreck strain high starts with the provision of immense energy to the brain, especially to the cerebral region. It means an increase in creativity, imagination, and artistic capabilities. Euphoria and happiness come hand in hand with this energy, making you feel out of this world. You might get some good ideas after consuming it but the overall impact of trainwreck strain is strong enough to not let you do any of the work.


You can expect to be couch-locked after consuming it because of the Indica- based properties trainwreck strain. At the same time, cerebral high leading to euphoria can be felt. This is the main reason, which makes it the most sought resin.


The usual dryness of the eyes and mouth is common after consuming trainwreck strain; however, some users have reported anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia too.


The high level of THC present in trainwreck strain makes it an alternative treatment for migraines and pain including the pain arising because of arthritis. Mental issues like ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety are also treated by patients with the help of this Trainwreck strain. The experts have reported that people can actually forget their problems and worries after consuming it, making it easier for them to relax and feel happy.


To enjoy a combination of both the Indica and Sativa features, this strain should be your first choice.

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