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The Cake (AAAA)

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The Cake strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is available rarely. It is formed as a result of the cross between the OG Kush and True Afghani.

As opposed to the name, the taste of the cake strain is skunky and is nothing like a cake. Diesel and hash are the prominent tastes that can be felt. Similar to the taste, the aroma of the strain is heavy and dank.

The name of this strain can be attributed to its talkative properties. It can be used in a setting when you need to show your confidence in the social, setting, and start a conversation with a friend or family member.

Cultivating this plant is moderately difficult. The cake strain enquires specific conditions to generate the perfect yield; however, a bit of practice can help you manage that. The buds of this plant are light mint in color, canonical in shape, and spread densely all over the plant. These buds have red-orange hair with gigantic white crystals.

When the high from The cake strain sets in, you’ll feel a mild uplifting impact. The result of this feeling would be an improvement in your mood and an overall feeling of calmness would be felt. As a result of this feeling, your tongue would be more talkative, and you would get a bit friendlier with others, making it easier for you to open up and be social. It actually triggers social behavior and talkative feeling in the users.

THC Content of 15.75%, on average, categorizes the Cake in the moderate category. The high achieved as a result of the consumption of “The Cake” can help in treating chronic pain, muscle spasms. This is because of the soothing feeling that is generated in the body after consuming this strain.

The giggly and talkative mood also creates a euphoric impact, which not only uplifts the mood temporarily but can also be used for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

The properties and the THC Content of “The Cake” make it a good evening strain. After spending some social time, you can relax on your couch and can expect some deep sleep. Based on this property, medical treatment of insomnia with this strain might also be successful.

Dry mouth is the most common negative impact that has been reported by regular users of the cake strain. So, make sure that you are hydrated enough before consuming this strain.

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