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Sugar Cookies (AAA)

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It is amongst one of the misconceptions that the name of this strain creates amongst the novice users of weed. Most people think it to be part of the cookie family but in reality, it isn’t. Sensi Star, Blue Hawaiian, and Crystal Gayle – all three are the parents of this special Sugar Cookies strain.

Dense, resinous buds along with trichome covered nugs form the basic structure of the Sugar Cookies plant.

The plants can be grown in your home garden. Its pleasant smell would encompass your whole garden and you’ll also be able to manage high yield. A total of 7-9 weeks is required for the cultivation of these plants.

The taste of the sugar cookie strain is inspired by the tropical fruits and sugar palate strain, so it can actually amaze you if you like the fruit-related strains.

The average value of THC content in sugar cookies strain is 24%. Because of the high THC content and 1% CBN, Sugar cookies have a mixture of energy as well as relaxation immersed in it. The impact of taking Sugar Cookies starts with an immense burst of energy in your body. This feeling is going to be followed by tingles of soothing feeling.

The energy boost would make you creative and energized, having a direct impact on your mood directly. This feeling is downgraded by the sedative impact. Stress, depression, and bipolar disorder are some of the issues that can bet resolved because of such an impact.

Additionally, a calm sleep can be managed as a result of the relaxation impact that comes along with it. Episodes of terrors and issues like restless syndrome are some of the other issues that Sugar Cookies can treat. Arthritis is another painful issue that can also be addressed using Sugar Cookies Strain.

It is better that you should consume Sugar Cookies strain when you have enough time to sleep. This is usually possible at night, so this is the recommended time.

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