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Strawberry Cake (AAA)

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Strawberry cake strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 20% THC content. Chronic, White Widow, and Cheese are the parent strains of this 70/30 hybrid. Small round nugs with white trichomes form the basic structure of the strawberry cake. Bright pistils of this strain form the icing on the cake.

As the name says, a strong strawberry flavor is what makes the users come back to it again and again. The creamy taste that accompanies the strong strawberry makes the Strawberry cake strain literally melts in your mouth. The aroma is a combination of strawberry and spicy tones with a mixture of pungent diesel smell. Both the mixture of taste and smell is what makes this Strawberry cake special

8-9 weeks for flower cultivation are required with both indoor and outdoor plantation facilities. Heavy colas should be provided as a support to ensure the short height of the plants, which will lead them to be more productive and have a better aroma.

After consuming the Strawberry Cake strain, be ready for an immediate high effect. However, it is not irritating rather it comes in a smooth way that you are going to love for sure. The euphoric impact that comes with Strawberry Cake will uplift your mood, providing you with motivation and energy boost to accomplish even the difficult tasks. You can feel relaxed after a tiresome day and focus on your daily tasks in a better way. You can also expect to have a buzz in your social sense too.

Strawberry cake has a combination of THC and CBD content, both, making it a viable option to be used for medical purposes too. You can use it as an appetite enhancer and can use it for patients with high depression and anxiety. Alleviating minor pains and reduction of nausea are also amongst the benefits that you can expect through its use.

Just enjoy the best taste with the awesome impacts of this weed to help you with some of the most problematic medical conditions.

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