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Sour Diesel Popcorn (AAAA)

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Sour diesel popcorn is sativa dominant and also referred to as Sour D. It was initially founded in the early 90s. The hereditary stain of Sour Diesel Popcorn is still under discussion. For a few experts, it is created from the combination of 91 Chemdog and Super Skunk whereas other claims it to be the result of the cross between the phenotype of Chemdog and Mexican Sativa.


Irrespective of the originality and the parent strains of this particular bud, you can expect it to be one of the most “high” strains that you can find in the market.


The physical outlook of sour diesel popcorn shows it to be in light green color surrounded by orange hair. The THC content of this strain can go up to 26%.


As the name suggests, it has a diesel-like aroma, which gives the consumer the right impact. In addition, the smell of pungent lime and grapefruit also exists as the undertone. Similarly, the taste of the Sour Diesel popcorn strain also contains the lime touch as the aftertaste. It is best to be taken at the start of the day because of the effervescent characteristics that are inherent in this strain.


The Sour Diesel Popcorn can generate a quick impact on the body after consumption. Both the mental and physical impact of this strain are prominent and amongst one of the strong reasons for its high acceptance among the users.


An increase in cerebral activity with a burst of energy is the special feature that makes sour diesel popcorn legendary. With the higher activity in the cerebral part of the brain, most of the consumers become a talkative soul. It is good when consumed before social gatherings as it can make it easier for you to socialize with others and reduce the anxiety associated with people around you.


In addition, mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder can also be treated with the help of this strain. People using the Sour Diesel Popcorn for this purpose often recommend it for generating a long-lasting impact. Moreover, euphoric feelings can lighten up the mood and lift the soul significantly.


The Sour Diesel Popcorn strain can also give you the right energy to execute your all-day tasks making your body go beyond your regular stamina level in handling the routine tasks.


In the medical field, this strain can help in treating migraines and nausea. Chronic pain resulted because of arthritis, fatigue, stress, and loss of appetite are some of the other issues that this particular strain is capable of resolving. 


Dry mouth and dry eyes are amongst the main drawbacks that come with this strain. In extreme conditions, the use of Sour Diesel Popcorn can also lead to dizziness and inculcating the feelings of anxiousness.

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