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Indica Teddies Extreme Strength (300 MG)


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Indica teddies are an edible form of marijuana developed by experts following many distillations
processes for creating the product without aroma which is consumable during the busy day or whenever
you are not in the mood of smoking blunts.

Indica teddies are developed by infusing Indica cannabis distillate with gummies. Cannabis concentrates
separate the THC and CBD for getting the pure and refined final product which is reported to have up to
99% potency.

As the cannabinoids included in THC and CBD have high boiling points, so the distillation process is
usually performed at low-temperatures. Experts recently introduced a much safer distillation process for
getting the pure form of Indica distillate.

After getting the final distillate material, it's mixed with these tasty teddies for forming the final product
known as Indica Teddies.

Edible products like Indica teddies also got famous because there is generally no work required like
making a bong or rolling a joint for getting your favorite high.

When you are consuming edibles especially for the first time, it's very important to start slow with a?
maximum limit of 5 mg and wait at least for another 2 hours before consuming the Sativa bunnies again.

If you are looking to buy Indica teddies, Save On Greens is the best option as our goal is to provide the
customers with marijuana-related products at the best possible rates and you can order from us with a
100% satisfaction guarantee.

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