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Romulan (AA)

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Romulan Strain is one of the most high-potency strains that one can find in the market. There is a science behind this strain as well. It has got its name from the jokes that have been created on the impact that has been created by this strain, “Dent your head”.

Romulan is an Indica dominant strain with most of its properties derived from the dominant family. No one knows about the exact background or predecessors of Romulan strain, however, in 1996, it was considered a completed strain by Federation Seeds. Federation seeds actually saved this strain from extinction. White Rhino was crossed with it multiple times till the time only 3% of the White Rhino genetics remained within it. The version of Romulan that we know now is probably the crossed version.

The THC content in Romulan strain is about 20%, which is moderate, however, towards the highest end, it can reach to about 35%, bringing in the High that this strain is famous for.

The euphoric feeling is the one that kicks in as the first impact of using this strain. With this impact kicking in, an increase in the appetite is often observed. You can consider it a “munchies effect” and make sure to keep some snacks with you to deal with the immediate appetite that can arise.

The sedation that comes along with Romulan strain would leave you couch-locked, so be ready for a good night’s sleep. With this quality of the strain, you can use it as a medicine for treating insomnia. The high sedation impact and euphoria combined can relieve you of your chronic pains and restlessness.

In addition, nausea is another condition that can be treated with the help of the Romulan strain. Make sure to look out for the negative impacts that can come along with this strain. Spinning head, paranoia, and dizziness are some of these impacts.

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