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Purple Punch (AA)

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Purple punch strain is a combination of the two Indica dominant strains, It is going to be something that you can’t ignore. Made from the cross of Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG, you can find this strain to impact both the mental and physical abilities of the users alike.

From the outlook, you can find the Purple Punch strain to be fluffy with a bright neon tone. Reddish pistils and amber trichomes are also responsible for giving the right shape to this particular strain.

Cultivating the Purple Punch would require 8-10 weeks, and you can choose an indoor or outdoor location based on the space you have. Comparatively higher yield with great ease can be expected from the seeds of this strain.

The sweet and fruity flavor of the Purple Punch strain is because of the grape, punch, and skittles involved in the taste.  It has a strong taste that would actually hit in your face but the fruity feelings are there to balance it out.

The THC content of an average 20% does not make the strain too high, but its combination with 1% CBD is what makes the strain one of the most prominent ones in the entire stream of strains available for you.

Despite the lower THC content, the strain does not start slow. It triggers the cerebral stimulation and makes you feel so light that you’ll feel yourself floating in the air. This mental stimulus is accompanied by the physical impact on the body too. The sedative feeling will soon overcome you, helping you to get into sweet slumber. Insomniacs can also use this strain for treating their condition.

The presence of special sedative and mental stimulus feelings makes it an important strain for medical purposes too. The stress levels can be easily dumped with the use of Purple Pouch strain. This is because of the sedative bodily impact that comes along with its use. Apart from bodily stress, muscle cramps, pain, headaches, etc. are also some of the issues that can be treated with this strain.

In addition to the other benefits, the happy and euphoric feelings are amongst the other benefits that you can get through this strain.

Keep an eye on the negatives that come with the use of this strain. Some of these drawbacks include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Some of the other disadvantages include anxiousness and headache.

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