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Purple Kush Smalls/Popcorn (AAA)

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Purple Kush strain, originally created in Oakland, California, is famous because of its striking colors and good taste. It is sourced by combining two strains: Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Hindu Kush is a perfect Indica strain developed by hash makers in that region while purple Kush is also an Indica dominant thick bud.

Purple Kush grows in medium-sized flowers with dense bud structures. The leaves of this strain are mostly green and purple. Purple Kush tastes similar to the other Afghani strains with an earthy flavor. The strain is 100% Indica and contains 18% to 27% THC content and 0.07% to 0.1% CBD in it.

We at Save on Greens noticed that Purple Kush strain can give you a record high because of it’s high THC content and powerful body relaxation effects. As you can imagine this strain is well-known for its unbelievable body high effects.

Along with body high, it can also make you happy and giggly with a good location- lock effect. If you are looking for the best high time with your friends or girlfriend, Purple Kush strain is the answer.

When it comes to the medical benefits of Purple Kush, it can help in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety because of it’s happy and uplifting mood effects. If you are facing insomnia, Purple Kush can also help you in getting a good night’s sleep by relaxing your body after a good high. Also, if you have problems with appetite, it can be resolved. 

We at Save on Greens noticed that Purple Kush strain can gives you intense munchies. Additionally, because of its body relaxation effects, it can help you in relieving physical body pain after workouts at the gym or a long walk.

If you are looking to grow Purple Kush strain yourself it can be grown both in outdoor and indoor environments. The Purple Kush seeds are not suggested for growing this strain, meaning cloning is the preferred way for growing this plant. You will also require a mother plant for the on-going planting and harvesting. If you are going for the outdoor option then it should be grown in late September. For indoor, you need to provide a cool environment (not freezing) to achieve its purple color.

  1. KingFlair

    KingFlair (verified owner)

    I still can’t believe the “smokin” deal I got on this, but price aside – this is an ultra-premium strain at a rock bottom price. Now onto “Purple Kush”. I’m a little new to the pot world, my doc thought it could help with my Anxiety/Panic disorder. – also may help me sleep. Well, high-fives to my doc and the knowledgeable rep here at S.O.G., because this strain was MADE for people like me who typically worry about worrying because I’m worrying. Take a couple big hits of Purple Kush, and it’s time to not give a shit about anything “emotional”. Seperated me from current issues, and sedated me enough (I also take 40mg of Valium a day) that I actually missed a Valium dose and didn’t notice! Instant stoner-eyes, lids weigh a pound each, and you better be ready for bed or a LONG nap on the couch. Some nice pleasant vibes and tingles as you fall asleep. This is God’s Ambien. AMEN !!!

  2. ChadFuller

    ChadFuller (verified owner)

    A bit scrappy but nots of good mugs, tasty, great bang for your buck. Glad I grabbed lots mmm. Makes great buddah too.

  3. weed4me

    weed4me (verified owner)

    lovely punch to this tasty treat!

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