Pineapple Express (Outdoor Grown)

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***** DISCLAIMER: THIS BUD IS OUTDOOR GROWN AND SUPER LEAFY AND NOT AS POTENT AS REGULAR BUDS YOU MAY BE USE TO. DON’T EXPECT A POWERFUL HIGH. PERFECT FOR A RELAXING SMOKE WITH A MILD HIGH.    Pineapple Express Strain is hybrid, formed by the cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian Pineapple Express. 8-9 weeks are required for the growth of this weed. It can be grown easily both indoors and outdoors. However, the controlled temperature indoors can actually result in better growth and higher yield. The THC content in pineapple express strain is around 24% with an impact of the fruit strand dominant in the taste and smell. Pineapple and mango taste would enhance your taste buds just like the tangerine smell and aroma. If the scents aren’t enough to instigate a mouthwatering impact, then the rock shape and olive color of the fresh slices of the pineapple express strain will do the job—Smooth and sweet smoke comes out of the Pineapple Express strain when combusted. The buzz produced as a result is powerful to take you to space in no time. You’ll feel the physical impact of the Pineapple Express strain along with the strong mental impact. The body numbness and the high headedness combine would make you more talkative individual with more creative ideas pushing through your mind. The relaxing impact on the body is expected to improve mental productivity. The Pineapple Express strain is something that can be used as a treatment for a number of medical situations. Chronic stress, fatigue, and pain caused by different factors could be reduced as a result of using this special weed. Muscle spasms and inflammation can also reduce because of the physical relaxation that the weed creates. However, excessive dosages or their use as a novice can create a feeling of paranoia and dizziness. It is important that you consume the right amount otherwise the high potency levels of the Pineapple Express strain can create an even more severe reaction.

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