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Pine Tar Kush (AA)

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Pine Tar Kush has its origin from Pakistan. With the intact purity of this Indica strain, you can expect it to be strong in taste and its aroma, bringing the best flavor for your taste bud. You’ll never get bored from the taste of this strain; this is the magic of the purity that comes with Pine Tar Kush.

The physical structure of Pine Tar Kush shows it to be green in color. With small and round-shaped silhouettes, golden trichomes and sticky resins are also part of the structure.

The growth of this flowing plant takes from 7-9 weeks. A humid and warm environment makes it grow in the best possible way, both indoors and outdoors. The height of these plants is short, so they can easily be grown in the compact space as well. Cultivating this strain is a  treat for the farmers as they can yield the best results by putting in the minimum effort.

Pine Tar Kush has a peppery, herbal, and citrus touch in its taste. Pine is the basic form of the herbal touch. However, it is not the only flavor you can get. This special strain of Pine Tar Kush also has the skunk and citrus finish in it.

The potency level of Pine Tar Kush is also moderate, containing 20% TCH content. The impact of the Pine Tar Kush strain is multiple. The initial intake of this strain improves your focus, allowing you to manage some of your last-minute tasks efficiently. However, the dazzling impact is something next that you should just be waiting for. This impact would initiate with a bit of buzzing in the back of the head, which would take over your limbs, creating a relaxing impact making you feel asleep.

From a focused mindset to the couch-lock condition, you won’t have much of the time after using the Pine Tar Kush.

Medical benefits of Pine Tar Kush are not hidden from the entire world. It can help in increasing your appetite considerably. You might want to munch on some snacks while you are in high mode, so keep them handy. Additionally, it can make you enter into the euphoric mode, reducing the feelings of sadness and ultimately becoming a treatment for depression.

The relaxing impact felt by the body also makes you forget about the pain, so using this strain in the right quantities could be helpful in all the instances when you are suffering from excessive pain. Similarly, Pine Tar Kush can reduce the stress level. This is because of the feeling of euphoria and happiness that are combined created as a result of using it. It also impacts positively on women’s health. However, make sure to consume this strain in the right quantities to limit its negative impacts such as paranoia, anxiousness, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

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