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Orange Crush Smalls (AA)

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Orange crush strain is a Sativa dominant strain that brings in the high feeling because of the inherent strain properties. Californian Orange and Blueberry are the predecessors of this strain, combining in the properties of both these legendary strains.

Its flavor is earthy with a mix of citrus touch. The name “Orange” from this strain also translates to the taste it possesses. The same goes for its aroma, which is simply orange-like in feeling. The average THC content in this strange is 25%, making it one of the high-potency strains. The high potency of orange crush strain is typical because of its immediate predecessors and the family to which this strain belongs to.

Orange Crush strain can grow under minimal light, making it easier for the cultivators to grow it indoors. 55 days flowering cycle makes them ready to be used. The average height of this plant is around 120-130 centimeters with only limited chances of exceeding 140 centimeters. Overall, it is an easy strain to grow, so is often the choice of the new farmers.

The creation of the cerebral high is amongst the inherent qualities of the Orange Crush Popcorn, which is responsible for the reaction of eutrophic feelings. The continuous users of this strain consider its impact as a motivating, and uplifting one, which provides energy for the completion of the tasks. However, for the first time users, dry mouth, and dry eyes could cover most of the impact that Orange Crush strain brings in. The users might find their head “spinning” because of the lightheadedness. You can consider it amongst one of the unintended reactions of the strain.

The use of the Orange Crush strain is responsible for creating higher amounts of dopamine in the body. The higher amount of dopamine is to make you happy, reducing anxiety and depression. For the individuals suffering from migraines, dosages of Orange Crush Popcorn can be helpful. Another benefit of this strain comes in the form of its use in the treatment of nausea. It is because of the citrus taste that you’ll find it worth using it in this condition irrespective of the inherent benefits that it brings.

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  1. Bristich

    Bristich (verified owner)

    Got this to try out. Was pleasantly surprised! Very aromatic, kinda tangy orange flavour. Nice small buds, Definitely AAAA!
    So many varieties to try yet, but will get back to this one for sure.

  2. temptations2010

    temptations2010 (verified owner)

    J’ai bien aimé pour ses effets de jour (la tension du corps disparait mais l’esprit reste vif. Bonne qualité pour le prix.

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