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OG x Nuken Budder

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Another hybrid strain consisting of 80% Indica and 20%sativa is OG x Nuken Budder. God Bud X Kish strains have been crossed to specifically create this Nuken budder.

The dark olive green spade supported by purple undertones and dense amber hair form the major part of the physical appearance of this weed. The coating of sweet resin is present on the budder.

The aroma associated with Nuken Budder is pungent and has a sweet and spicy touch. The skunky berry flavor is the prominent taste that you can enjoy in this weed. The hint of spicy blueberries can also be felt in the taste of OG x Nuken Budder.

On average, 27% THC level is present in the Nuken Budder. This high potency level demands that this weed should specifically be left to the experts and novices should actually avoid using this drug.

A dual impact of a Nuken budder can be seen in the mind and body. An onset of cerebral functioning is expected as a result of OG x Nuken Budder. In extreme conditions, the impact of being euphoric and highly lifted is common. With this impact on the brain, the gradual impact on the body would become more evident.

The relaxed body condition would make you feel less energized and couch-locked. Although this is the ultimate impact seen on the smoker, the routine users can easily manage to enjoy the time in between.

Chronic pain, spasms, cramps, and arthritis are amongst some of the diseases that can be managed using the OG  x Nuken Budder.

The sticky resin quality makes it one of the wonderful products when it comes to the treatment of pain and mental cloud.



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