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OG Shark (AAA)

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OG Shark strain is primarily originated and based in Canada. It’s a 50-50 hybrid strain with an incredibly strong impact on cerebral functioning, making you high, immediately after you consume it.

The flowering time of the OG Shark strain is 8-9 weeks. Warmer climate for its growth is most suitable, so an outdoor garden could be helpful in its cultivation, but the outside weather actually determines how would it grow and what would be the best place for its cultivation.

The pungent aroma and high THC content of the OG Shark strain make the smokers go crazy after this strain. Berry, spice, and sweet earth aromas can be smelled all around the weed and the smoker.

With a THC content of 25%, this strain can create a stronger impact in comparison to the other weeds. So, this is not for beginners as they might not be able to handle the impact.

People suffering from pain and sleep disorders often come to this strain for relief. Additionally, nausea, minor pains, headaches can all be treated with the mind and body relaxation that comes with the consumption of the OG Shark strain.

Euphoria prevails over the smokers as soon as they take it in. Sky-rocketed feelings have been noted by some of the smokers. Others have reported higher creativity and a better focus but originally, The OG Shark strain is not responsible for creating any improvement in focus.

Primarily, OG shark strain can relax your body and mind, making you doze off into a nice slumber. It is a great treatment for insomniacs. Overdoing it won’t be recommended as it can lead to dryness of mouth and eyes. Other negative impacts might be faced because of overdosage, so such a condition should be avoided.

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