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OG Kush (AA)

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OG Kush strain is very famous that even non-consumers know its name. It’s also one of the oldest strains which is believed to be cultivated in Florida by combining the staple chemdawg and the Hindu Kush.

Chemdawg is known because of its good taste and energetic high as it contains a minimum of 20% THC and Hindu kush is a pure Indica strain which is originated between the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

OG Kush strain is loved by the majority of cannabis consumers because of its THC level which falls between 20% to 27% which cannabis consumers know is not common in strains and can give a good instant high. 

It has an aroma like old-growth forest natural leaves with the earthy and woodsy smell and upon exhaling will give you a taste of citrus flavors of lime and spices. The buds of OG Kush are dense and look like typical cannabis buds with yellow-green colored leaves.

OG Kush effects are more focused on the head than body and consumers will start observing their surroundings immediately. You will be very good at activities which require focus like games, gossips, and your favorite projects.

Smoking OG will surely improve your mood with uplifting feelings and we at Save on Greens noticed that it will make you more friendly in gatherings. When it comes to the medical benefits it can reduce depression and anxiety because of the comfortable head high. Also, it’s a good strain for relieving headaches after a hectic day or busy week.

It’s preferred for patients facing chronic pains, psychological disorders and stress because of its good head in normal dose. Also, it is best for people facing insomnia-related problems and will surely help in catching a good night’s sleep after a good head high.

OG Kush strain became famous because it is the best fit for medical and recreational users of cannabis, as it contains very good levels of THC.

If you want to grow OG Kush yourself, it can be matured in both outdoor and indoor environments but the indoor method is preferred because the plants are short and require specific temperatures like 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The OG Kush plants should be grown in 9 weeks if the proper method is followed.


  1. AdamArtist

    AdamArtist (verified owner)

    Solid AA kush

  2. ChadFuller

    ChadFuller (verified owner)

    Pretty decent solid bugs, usual yummy Kush taste, perfect smoke for all day 🙂 will definitely buy more.

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