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Nyquil (CBN) (AAAA)

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***CBN is to increase appetite, used in treatment for people who have eating disorders

It is an Indica dominant strain that is created through a cross amongst three strains. Two of them are Sour Diesel X OG Kush strains, whereas the third one is an unknown strain.

The aroma of floral sour Kush can be felt when using Nyquil. In the taste, the impact of sour Kush could be felt with diesel harsh tones as the aftertaste. In addition, an Earthy pungent spice is present, which makes this strain unique.

The buds of this plant are dense and have an olive green color. The popcorn shape of the nugs is covered with orange hair. A frosty layer of trichomes covers the entire bud.

THC Level in Nyquil is between 18-25% along with a high concentration of CBN Content. The impact of the Indica and Sativa varieties can be seen on the consumers of this specific strain.

An immediate high is experienced by the users upon consumption of this strain. Instant cerebral energy is imparted to the brain, which excites the brain and the body, leaving your body with a high heartbeat. The clarity in the daily tasks can be felt, making it one of the possible choices to induce a variety in your daytime routine. However, be cautious while using it in the daytime as the sedation impact associated with it is quite strong.

The immediate impact of this high energy can also be felt in the mood. You can witness a significant improvement because of which anxiety and depression can be treated.

Once the impact of the cerebral high lowers, it leads to a warming sensation hitting the muscles of your body slowly. This feeling is responsible for making your body couch-locked.

The sedation impact is quite prominent in the body. With the increase in the “high” state, you’ll probably get into a deep sleep. These properties of Nyquil make this strain effective for treating insomnia and other sleep-related issues. The excessive sleepiness in Nyquil is because of the extra-ordinary CBN present in the product.

As the impact of the strain can be felt on the entire body, it can also help in treating different kinds of pain, including chronic pain and arthritis. Reduction in inflammation is also one of the properties of this strain that can help in treating pain. It can also help in the treatment of nerve damage as your entire body would get numb after consuming this strain, and you won’t feel any impact.

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