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Nuken (AA+)

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Nuken is  a combination of Shishkaberry and God Bud, the strain is made in Canada.

Nuken strain smells like sweet spices and marshmallows, it’s highly demanded strain in the market. it’s taste is very similar to the marshmallow smell and you can feel the flavor of marshmallow as well during the exhale of it’s smoke.

The THC level of this strain is still argued as some refer it to 20% and others say it has up to 30% but it’s 4 cleans hits are enough for getting required high and I would rate it as 4 out of 5 but a chain smoker will probably require more hits for getting high.

Effect of Nuken strain is uplifting with a happy state of mind and the duration of high-time is amazingly good. if you are a strain smoker you probably know after eating a meal you feel the effect of weed is reduced but Nuken effects stay almost the same and will last 3+ hours which is a very good duration.

When it comes to the medical, Nuken strain is good for the people suffering from depression and stress because of its head buzz that can make the user feel happy and its instant uplifting effect is the major reason of high-demand.

If you are trying to relax after a long working day, Nuken strain is one of the top at our list.

The adverse reactions of Nuken strains are almost the same as other weed types including the high dry mouth, dry eyes, some level of anxious feelings.


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