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Northern Lights (AAAA)

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Northern lights strain is one of the pure Indica strains that you can find in the market. Being an Indica dominant, you should expect it to create a physically relaxing impact on your body. The exact lineage of northern lights is unknown, but a consensus has been developed on the Thai and Afghani cross to reach this pure variety.

The production of the northern light strain is quick, and this is why It is amongst the favorite strains of the farmers. 6-8 weeks are required in the flowering process. Producing high-quality products does not require special efforts and can be easily handled with minimum effort. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation of this plant is possible.

THC Content in northern lights strain is 18.5%. With this THC level and Indica dominant properties, it is known as the best bud in the world for the calming abilities. You can feel the buzz getting onto your muscles as soon as you consume it.

You’ll see the lazy mode attacking you, and you’ll feel an urge to sit and relax. For beginners, even the slightest dose of Northern Lights strain can result in a strong impact, so it is advised to be cautious while consuming this specific strain.

The laziness and sedation inherent in the strain make it a perfect choice for nighttime. Insomniacs can use this strain to enter into a deep sleep. Similarly, the feeling of stress and anxiety can also lower when your body is in the complete relaxing mode. Thus, it can help treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Moreover, the feeling of pain can also lower while using it. So, it can be used to lower chronic pain associated with arthritis and other such diseases.

It can help to increase your appetite as well. This is because of the presence of THC in the northern lights strain. So, you can use it for treating anorexia and other such eating disorders.

A few users of this strain have also shown it to enhance the overall mood and create a feeling of euphoria. But this improved mood has to be enjoyed while being on the couch as the physical impact of this strain is stronger as compared to the cerebral impact.

Some of the negative impacts that you can expect to face when using this strain include dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, and paranoia in extreme cases.

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