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Northern Lights Budder

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Northern lights strain is Indica dominant, the origin of which is known to be a mixture of two block strains i.e. Thai and Afghani. Over time, the raw form of Northern Lights strain has been converted into perfection in Holland. Just recently, this strain has also got its place in America.

6-8 weeks are required for the Northern light strain to blossom, yielding up to 125 grams per square meter. Additionally, 100 grams of Northern Lights Budder per plant is produced, in an average greenhouse setup.

The sweet pungent taste of Northern Lights Strain is what makes it different from the other products available in the market. The THC content of 33% in Northern Lights Budder provides it with the typical and medical usages that have been highlighted below.

Typical usage of Northern Lights Budder makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. The dreamy euphoria would prevail over you, making you feel sedated. In some cases, dryness of the mouth can also be felt. But in most cases, the relaxing muscles won’t make you feel much of it.

Talking about the medical aspects, here is what you can expect. Depression and insomnia are the most common problems. Additionally, you can even face the loss of an urge to eat or sleep as a result of using this Indica dominant strain.

At Save on Greens, we give exceptionally high importance to the quality of Northern Lights that we provide. The extraction process is carefully professionally managed and various tests are performed before assuring its sales in the market.



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