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Moby Dick Popcorn (AAAA)

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Moby Dick strain extracted by the combination of White widow and Sativa haze. The first parent white widow is a balanced hybrid strain and famous for its strong euphoric and energy effects. The other parent Sativa haze is also a hybrid strain that can make you feel very happy.

Moby dick strain is originated in Amsterdam and it’s a Sativa dominant strain. The THC content in moby dick goes up to 20% and it’s famous for the high potent effects.

After smoking a joint of moby dick strain, you will experience a strong euphoric and then happy trip at the start. We at save on greens also noticed that during its residual effects you will also experience numb body effects for a long time and its very relaxing.

When it comes to medical benefits, moby dick is the best for treating depression because of its strong high and positive effects. Moby dick can quickly change your mood towards positive with the uplifting vibes and make you a happy person for a good period. We at Save on Greens are considering it at our top list of happy strains.

If you are facing issues like anxiety and stress, moby dick strain could be your best friend because of its uplifting effects at the start and then positive relaxation effect at the end.

Well, if you want to grow the moby dick strain yourself it’s not the recommended strain to grow for the new growers but within the indoor environment, the strain can grow the flowers in 10 weeks but will require conductivity that could be done by using different methods.

Moby dick strain is no doubt a high yield product but you will still need to keep the PH level below 6.5 for keeping the good yield rate.



  1. NothingtoSea

    NothingtoSea (verified owner)

    Incredible for the price. Best of the three strains I got. Incredibly dense hard nugs covered in crystal with an amazing smell. It looks exactly like the picutres. One of the strongest sativas I’ve had in a while. The only slightly negative thing is that it was a tiny bit harsh from maybe being a little too dry so a boveda may help. Still a AAA+ and incredible value.

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