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MK Ultra Popcorn (AAAA)

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MK ultra strain is sourced by the combination of OG Kush and G13. The first parent OG kush is 100% pure Indica hybrid strain famous for its soothing uplift and head high. The other parent G13 has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa properties and famous for its strong europhic and energy high-effects.

MK Ultra strain is an Indica dominant developed during the 1950s and known as one of the strong Indica hybrids in existence. The strain is a winner of the High Times Cannabis 2003 Cup.

During smoking, MK ultra tastes like piney and earthy sweets with a smooth smoke. The THC level of this strain is high and goes up to 22% in tests with a 20% strain average. It’s one of the powerful Indica’s and everyone should try this strain once in a lifetime.

After Smoking, MK Ultra strain quickly makes the consumer happy with giggly and europhic effects. It relaxes the complete body with sedated feelings and has the ability to couch-lock the consumer after some time.

When it comes to the medical benefits of MK Ultra strain, it’s considered as one of the best strains for treating depression because of its giggly and europhic high-effects. Also, long-time use fo MK ultra can reduce the depression at big levels.

If someone is facing the issues of insomnia, the MK Ultra strain is very good at relaxing the body and helping the consumer in getting the good night’s sleep because of its Indica-dominant properties and relaxing high-effects.

MK ultra is also good for treating the physical and chronic pains with its full-body numb and relaxing properties. Patients can expect pain relief after smoking this strain.

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