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Microdosify – Calm



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Microdosify – Calm – 50mg per Capsule

Ingredients per Capsule:

  • Lion’s Mane 50mg
  • Chaga 50mg
  • Reishi 50mg
  • Cordyceps 50mg
  • Golden Teacher 50mg

A unique blend of 4 functional mushrooms enhanced with 50mg of Golden Teacher. Calm features organic 50mg of Chaga, 50mg of Reishi, 50mg of Lion’s Mane, and 50mg of Cordyceps in a 4 functional mushroom blend that is designed to fortify the body and reduce inflammation.

The added 50mg of Golden Teachers further helps to give the mind, body, and soul the rest it deserves. Users can expect to experience increased focus and creativity, as well as mood elevation.


30, 6

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