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Medicated Nerds Rope (400 MG)

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Medicated Nerds Rope is one of the tastiest options that you have amongst the different edibles available in the market. Each of the nerds’ rope contains 400 mg of THC infused in a way to give you the maximum benefit.


The Medicated Nerds Rope (400 MG) can do wonders if you are feeling tired after the entire day’s work. It can also help you satisfy your sweet tooth, helping you get dual benefits from a single product. Strawberry, original, lemon, and cherry are the four major flavors available in this specific edible, providing you with ample choice to choose a different one every day.


With the use of Medicated Nerds’ Rope, you should expect relief in pain. Muscle tiredness can be fully treated with the use of this magical edible. Whether it is the stress that is taking a toll on you or you have suffered any muscle injury, you can see the positive impact of this product on your muscles.


In addition, it can help in reducing the inflammation, helping you ease your body and muscles. Inflammation as a result of arthritis and other similar sicknesses can also be managed using this special product because of the high potency levels.


Moreover, another benefit of the Medicated Nerds’ Rope is the promotion of sleep. It can help your body relax to a level that it can actually enjoy a deep sweet slumber. However, the entire process requires time and you might have to wait for some time before you can start feeling the impact.


Like all other edibles, 30 mins to 1 hour might be required for this product to work fully, that’s what the Medicated Nerds Rope calls the activation time.

You can buy this magical product for bodily relaxation from Save on Greens as we deliver the best quality at the best possible price to ensure the best value for our customers.

Strain Characteristics

Lemon, Original, Strawberry

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