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The origin of the Malabar mushroom is from the Southwestern coast of India. It grows well in the warmer climate in the organic grains. The history of the Malabar mushroom and the associated strain can be traced back to 1500 BC. The Hindu literature utilizes the word Soma, which is considered a reference to this particular strain.

Malabar mushrooms provide great scope for the cultivators looking for the bulk strains. No particular care is required, however, a sub-tropical climate should be available for their best growth.

Structurally, the Malabar Magic mushrooms are dense. They look like a typical mushroom but are a lot bigger than that with thicker stem and large caps. The center of the caps is black in color toning towards white on the edges. At maturity, their shape is mostly plain but convex-shaped mushrooms can also be seen.

The potency level of the Malabar Mushroom is just above the average, making it a moderate strain, which has a quick onset. However, high quantities of psilocin and psilocybin are available, giving the mushroom its characteristics and the impact that it creates.

With the consumption of the Malabar Magic Mushroom, you can expect excessive euphoria that would make you laugh for no reason, creating a good impact on the stressed and depressed souls. You can feel the lift up in your mood, making you get away from the worries of life.

In addition, bodily vibration and light hallucinations are also created as a result of consuming Malabar mushroom, which can be considered the drawbacks for the consumption of this particular strain. However, if you have managed your setting well and are comfortable enough, you can consume it and consider it as a medicine to treat, depression, anxiety, and the other associated issues.

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