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Mai Tai

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Mai Tai Strain is a high potency strain locally sourced in Canada with a minimum of 24% THC. The product
is famous among experienced cannabis users and not recommended for the new users because of the high
the concentration of THC present can cause uncomfortable intoxication for beginners.

Mai Tai strain won the first place for best CBD flowers at the 2016 High Time Cannabis Cup. It's also
considered as one of the best medicine for patients suffering from chronic pain or mental health
disorders including anxiety and depression.

When it comes to the effects of the Mai Tai strain, it provides the user with a functional head high with
strong uplifting effects. The user will also feel energetic, happy and focused. Last but not least, the
giggling effects of this strain are very well received.

If you are facing stress, depression or headaches then this would be a useful strain because of its record
high potency and consistent effects.

We at Save on Greens also noticed that the Mai Tai strain can also be used for productivity or
completing tasks because of its strong focus effects.

The flavor of the Mai Tai Strain is like a sweet tangy cherry with sharp citrus exhale and the aroma smells
like earthly sweet citrus.

If you want to grow this strain yourself, Mai Tai belongs to one of the easiest growing profiles in the
cannabis. Unlike other strains, it can bear the fluctuating temperatures and can also be grown in-house
but with the required temperature and environment. Most of the marijuana growing beginners
considered this strain a perfect starter.

The unique thing in growing the Mai Tai strain is that if it's left unattended then it may harbor moisture.
Meaning, you need to trim the plant often and removing the branches for improving the overall airflow.

Our goal at Save on Greens is to provide you with the cheapest marijuana in town without
compromising on the safety and quality, you can order the marijuana products from us with a 100%
satisfaction guarantee.

  1. rippedzone

    rippedzone (verified owner)

    I bought the Mai Tai because i wanted something that is more sativa. Its a sativa dominant hybrid so i went ahead and gave it a try. It made me more creative and i was still able to function without acting like a pothead. Great for day time use and great value!

  2. OliLaro96

    OliLaro96 (verified owner)

    Really good Strain dont get fooled by the price

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