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LSD Strain (AA)

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LSD Strain is extracted by the combination of Skunk #1 and Afghan Indica. The first parent Skunk #1 is the Indica dominant hybrid strain famous for its relaxing high effects and its taste is sour. The other parent is also Indica dominant developed in Afghanistan and it’s known as one of the best heavy resin productions.

As the name suggests, LSD Strain is very potent and known for its powerful long-lasting high effects. LSD is an award-winning strain and it will never be suggested for the new smokers.

The THC Levels of LSD strain are very high and go up to 24% and it’s named after LSD because this strain will give you psychedelic effects.

If you are looking for the head high in the party with your friends, LSD strain has one of the highest CBD levels and can guarantee you the best psychedelic trips. LSD strain will provide you with the upbeat high effects and lead you towards happiness and giggly effects.

When it comes to medical benefits, LSD strain is one of the best marijuana types for treating depression because it’s an uplifting and happy effect.

If you are facing the headaches or chronic pains, LSD strain could be your best friend because of its numb body effects mixed with giggly effects. Also, its score in making the consumer relax is very high and can surely help you in relaxing while forgetting the pain.

Well, If you want to grow LSD strain yourself then growing this strain is very easy because of it’s flexible growing environments nature. Yes, you can choose indoor or outdoor as per your arrangements and LSD strain will grow hassle-free within any environment.

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