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Lindsay OG (AAAA)

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Lindsay OG strain is an Indica dominant and the high THC Content is what distinguishes it from the other strain. The buds of this strain are dark green in color with bright orange hair covering it entirely.

Lindsay OG strain comes with a pungent smell. When combined with the earthy flavor tones, it gets the right taste for which the consumers come back for it again and again. Pine and diesel touch is quite prominent in the taste. Your taste buds are going to enjoy a strong sensation taste ending with a smooth subtle end.

The THC content in this strain is 23% on average, explaining the reason for its high potency and the sedative impact. Its effects are both physical and mental, making it to be a night strain. It will calm your mind and body alike, so you can expect a good night’s sleep after its consumption.

Consuming it would make you feel relaxed in the head with this feeling extending to your limbs and other body parts. It ultimately makes you lethargic. Its couch locking impact when added with the euphoric feeling would make you sleep instantly. This impact is particularly observed in the novice users whereas the regular users usually enjoy the feeling that this strain brings in.

As it has sedative properties, so it is an efficient reliever of pain. Whether you are suffering from an accident or have a disease-related pain, Lindsay OG strain can help you bear it peacefully. Most importantly, it can help insomniacs in adjusting their sleep pattern.

Medically, it is effective for treating chronic depression, stress, and even tougher headaches like migraines. A word of caution here, this strain is not for newbies, it can make them feel excessively dizzy and they might face dryness in the mouth and eyes.

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