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Kush Mints (AAA)

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Kush Mints strain is the part of Cookies family created as a hybrid of Animal Mints and the classic Bubba Kush. The properties of both the parent weeds are associated with Kush Mints, leading to the impact that Kush Mints provide to its users.

The buds of Kush mints strain are dark green and purple with orange hairs grown alongside. Eye-catching color and the pleasant taste is the reason for which the users are attracted towards it. Medium-sized flowers with heavy bud structure are what you should expect.

Kish Mints strain can be grown outdoors or indoors, but a higher success rate and yield have been recorded in cultivating the Kush Mints indoors. Not everyone can grow and generate best results out of it, technical skill and expertise are required for this purpose.

The high THC content makes Kush Mints strain one of the most potent weeds that you can find. On average, 22-24% THC level has been recorded in Kush Mints. Novice users might not cater to the impact of this weed, so it is advised that they must not try it.

Smell and taste of the Kush mints are similar to the mint but unique in terms of the other weeds that you might have tried. The touch of earthy sweet woods and rich spicy coffee is quite prominent in this weed.

The flavor of the Kush Mint strain isn’t too pinching for the taste buds, rather it is relaxing and soothing, initiated by a warming tingle in the spine and then extending throughout the body and mind to make both of them fully relaxed.

The impact of Kush Mints strain is well-balanced, creating a hit on the mind and body alike. You’ll feel the relaxing impact as soon as you take it as opposed to the other weeds that might take you a high first before putting you into slumber.

Sometimes, a sativa body buzz can be induced, leading to stronger feelings of motivation. It can be felt in the form of waves all day till this feeling of high motivation converts into the body high. But you won’t have the hyperactive thoughts or sharp focus as the initial impact of its consumption.

The use of Kush mint strain can reduce depression, alleviate chronic pains, and help you have a better mood. Also efficient for use in reducing the pain that comes with cancer or fibromyalgia.

The ability to create resin from the Kush Mint strain actually makes it more valuable.

  1. Jdreammonkey

    Jdreammonkey (verified owner)

    Nice Smoke! Great for movies and relaxation.

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